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Who: Sui Feng & You! (OTA/Closed Prompts)
Where: Dreams/Cyberspace.
When: Throughout Chapter 4
Summary: Pretty much nothing good...?!
Restrictions/Warnings: Medical/bioweapon horror, violence, generally grimdark themes. Blood. Lots of blood.
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Who: Hawke + Various CR
Where: The Meshwork
When: Chapter 4
Summary: This is catch-all log for Hawke's dreams! I'll probably do only about 2-3 but I'd like them in one place. Anyone is free to stumble upon most of them though.
Restrictions/Warnings: Kirkwall being Kirkwall essentially. And Corypheus being a giant dick.

subconsciously i knew it was a lie )
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Who: Handsome Jack + Angel
Where: Angel's Bunker
When: After the fall of the Accords was announced... this is hella backdated forgive me
Summary: All of Jack's plans fall apart, and he has to take that out on somebody. Unfortunately, only one person really knows what they are.
Restrictions/Warnings: General content warning for emotionally abusive behavior of a parent to their child. I'm really sorry about Jack.

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Who: John Steinbeck and everyone who has the misfortune to walk into his dreamland
Where: Leith and Westerley, everywhere pretty much
When: week 6 - 9
Summary: Steinbeck has some dreams. They're not very nice dreams.
Restrictions/Warnings: Body horror verging on gore, violence, murder, Cthulhu, plants, etc. Basically: MESSED UP STUFF.

[This log is a catch-all log for the dreams Steinbeck will be sharing with others! If you want me to write up a unique dream prompt for your character, just PM me or hit me up at [plurk.com profile] vampirize to plot stuff!]

Chapter 4

Mar. 10th, 2017 03:20 pm
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Who: OTA
Where: Quad
When: Week VI, Day VII - Week IX, Day I
Summary: Chapter 4 prompts!
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, blood, et cetera. For anything surpassing 'R' on a rating scale, please create your own log.
Notes: Please title your subject line in the following format -- Open / Closed | Date. OOC event information can be found here. Calendar information/dates can be found here.
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Who: Royce + various
Where: Locations across the Quad
When: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Summary: Pre-game CR catchall!
Restrictions/Warnings: tbd.

( Established/pre-game CR goes here! Feel free to give me a poke if there's something you'd like to thread! [plurk.com profile] piasora or tevinter#3439. )


Mar. 3rd, 2017 10:49 pm
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Who: Rhys, Vaughn, Steph, & Santo Ravindra (NPC)
Where: Old Town, Westerley
When: W6D6
Summary: tmw u hit up a possibly mad scientist for climatology & such
Restrictions/Warnings: Rhys. That's all that needs to be said.

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Who: keith & shiro.
Where: old town.
When: w5d5.
Summary: keith visits a new friend. yes. that is what's happening here. he definitely knows this guy's name and isn't breaking a window to rifle through a stranger's flat.
Restrictions/Warnings: n/a. not even proper violence.

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Who: Neal and Kanda
Where: A gala on Leith
When: W6D??
Summary: RAC evals.
Restrictions/Warnings: Fighting and flirting

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Who: Peter Burke & various miscreants (plus Steph, who is perfect)

Where: Leith, RAC headquarters, aboard the USS we'll name it something eventually
When: w5d4, w6 various ...times. also misc, and "other."
Summary: Dadding! Escort Mission Warranting! Not letting Hawke throw her evaluation!

Restrictions/Warnings: U H M Weaponized charm, riot-typical violence presumably, whatever shenanigans occur when shenanigan-magnet Hawke exists a place.

there is a war between the cold out there and the fire within )
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Who: Hanna King + Damian Wayne
Where: RAC Cruiser
When: W6D3
Summary: RAC Evals
Restrictions/Warnings: Fight fight fight

for our right... to partaaaaayyyy )
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Who: Lavi & Jason
Where: space!!!!! some shady ass weapons dealing cruiser outside the quad
When: W6D1? ish. when are evals, why did ari let me post this
Summary: Lavi's LV4 RAC eval. masterful attempts at infiltration, maybe. taking out turncoats for fun and profit, definitely.
Restrictions/Warnings: lying, sarcasm, violence. eventual killing of npcs.

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Who: Giovanni and Julius
Where: Company barracks, Leith
When: W5D7
Summary: a lost dog and his Handler
Restrictions/Warnings: none probably, maybe references to violence

Who was fitted with collar and chain )
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Who: giorno giovanna + others
Where: various
When: [ vague handgestures ]
Summary: catch-all log for this month!
Restrictions/Warnings: violence etc. | chapter 3 shenanigans

ooc. i have several closed starters for people, but other than that, this post is OTA.
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Who: Sion, Lavi, Kanda & anyone they meet at the Summit
Where: Springhill Compound, Peace Summit
When: W6D2 - D6
Summary: Guarding Sion during the summit should be an easy warrant. Unfortunately, nothing with Sion is ever actually E A S Y.
Restrictions/Warnings: Kanda's fine command of language, as usual.
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Who: Sui Feng & Doge (Giovanni Rammsteiner)
Where: Leith
When: W5D7
Summary: She didn't order a dog but one of them was delivered to her door anyway. Possibly bonding over being weapons.
Restrictions/Warnings: N/a.
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Who: Lapis Fathalla, Damian Wayne, Genji Shimada and Jason Todd
Where: Various
When: W5D5 and onwards
Summary: Catch-All for Team Vine
Restrictions/Warnings: None atm
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Who: John Steinbeck, Handsome Jack, and Bucky Barnes
Where: Various locations
When: W5D5 onwards
Summary: Hyperion Cell Team Root meets up and does their dirty work
Restrictions/Warnings: Murder, body horror, Handsome Jack in general, snark fights...will edit for anything else that pops up!

[This is a catch-all log for Root's movements and actions! Toplevels will go up for each event as they progress.]
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Who: Lavi, Kanda
Where: Various locations
When: ... Various dates!
Summary: Keeping my non-plot stuff in here!
Restrictions/Warnings: We're aiming for cute so expect extreme angst in like five tags.
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Who: Giovanni, Kanda, and Lavi
Where: Noah
When: W5D5 - W5D7
Summary: a bad dog gets time out
Restrictions/Warnings: idk, restraints and mentions of graphic violence?

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Who: Kara, Itsuki, Ignis, an RAC agent mayhaps
Where: Westerley, out and about
When: Week 5 & 6
Summary: Catch-all for team branch!
Restrictions/Warnings: n/a
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Who: Takasugi + Kate + Alice
Where: Leith + Spring Hill Compound
When: W5D7 onwards
Summary: [ catch-all log for team: blossom | chapter 3 ]
Restrictions/Warnings: none


Feb. 11th, 2017 10:44 pm
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Who: Rin and anyone
Where: Primarily on Leith!
When: Anytime in the past 3 years and onward
Summary: Catch-all for pre-established CR / February
Restrictions/Warnings: n/a

( if you'd like to plan anything to thread/pre-established CR just hit me up at [plurk.com profile] ishimarus or PM this account! )
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Who: John Steinbeck and F $cott Fitzgerald
Where: Some shady corner of Leith
When: End of week 4, pre-chapter 3
Summary: Steinbeck has a need, a need for........spe- I mean, bio-engineered seed pods from a figure from his past. He's not happy about it.
Restrictions/Warnings: Steinbeck and Fitzgerald are their own warning, will edit if needed!
because when they get that close you can cut their heart out )
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Who: Jason and Kate
Where: Old Town
When: end of week 4, just before ch 3 hits
Summary: Surely they have black market tech support for brain problems. Jason goes snooping, Kate inserts herself into the proceedings. Because that's what friends do.
Restrictions/Warnings: UH. Possible violence/some talk of gross cyborg things/unsanctioned medical procedures and the like, I guess.

to call home. )


Feb. 9th, 2017 10:16 am
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Who: Juvia and anyone
Where: Everywhere! Westerly mostly
When: Anything within the past 3 years and onward
Summary: Catch-all log for pre-game stuff and for the rest of February!
Restrictions/Warnings: n/a

[ if you'd like to plan something out so we can get a thread going, please PM this account or ping me at [plurk.com profile] enoshima! ♥ ]
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Who: keith + ???
Where: westerley, mostly!
When: W2D5 - W4D6
Summary: keith is a killjoy. no, i mean like the dictionary definition. ( aka: a ch. 2 leftovers catch-all. leave me a rough date / time period, a location, and a random word, and i'll take my extreme whim to write starters out on you, too! )
Restrictions/Warnings: n/a.
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Who: Crowley Eusford ( [personal profile] eusford ) & Juvia Lockser ( [personal profile] lacuscular )
Where: Leith, at the bazaar!
When: End of W4.
Summary: "We've been dating for three hours, sixteen minutes, and twenty-seven seconds." "Who are you?"
Restrictions/Warnings: None!

a lifetime of laughter )
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Who: Neal and anyone!
Where: Anywhere!
When: Anytime in the past five years.
Summary: Pre-game catchall, or just pre-chapter three for those who prefer.
Restrictions/Warnings: None yet!

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