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Who: Hawke and Hijikata!
Where: Utopia
When: W7D6
Summary: Warrant-a-go-go
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence? Utopia? Hawke? Everything is bad in this log and Hijikata suffers.

that you've been bleeded / cause now you're bleeding me )
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Who: Rhys & whoever would like to know him pre-game!
Where: Qresh, Leith, or Westerly which is like everywhere
When: The last 4 years
Summary: Any and all CR from pre-game!
Restrictions/Warnings: Rhys is rich and he doesn't understand why he has to be unhappy like, ever????

[ ooc; hmu at [ profile] owlits, pm or just leave a blank top level and I will make you a prompt! ]

Chapter 2

Jan. 10th, 2017 04:02 pm
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Who: OTA
Where: Quad
When: Week 2, Day 5 - Week 4, Day 6
Summary: Chapter 2 prompts!
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, blood, et cetera. For anything surpassing 'R' on a rating scale, please create your own log.
Notes: Please title your subject line in the following format -- Open / Closed | Date. OOC event information can be found here.
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