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Who: Plant Newbie ([personal profile] rhygret), Plant Senior ([personal profile] graftage), and a rusting bucket ([personal profile] lefthandfree)
Where: Root Cell Hidden Compound (Undercity Tunnels)
When: too soon, fake Old Town Official Planters Guild meeting
Summary: Some idiots came up with being part of a plant club to cover up their underground activities and someone decided that that was the Greatest idea and joined in because he direly needs friends. The following are the true, sad events that follow.
Restrictions/Warnings: language? too many plants. Rhys’ desperation

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Who: Julius and Steinbeck
Where: On the ship Fenrir
When: 10D3
Summary: Plants being plants.
Restrictions/Warnings: Will probably delve into some body horror later on.

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Who: John Steinbeck & Royce Bracket
Where: a stone's throw away from the Scarback monastery
When: around the beginning of Chapter 5 shenanigans
Summary: A Scarback with plant abilities goes to see the wizard behind the nanomachine curtain to help check them out.
Restrictions/Warnings: Steinbeck and his plant abilities are body horror central, but other than that, nothing else!
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Who: Rhys, Dat Hunk, & Becky
Where: Old Town tunnels
When: W8D7
Summary: Rhys goes to make a drop-off to a mystery contact and finds a sausagefest
Restrictions/Warnings: Bucky's fabulous hair

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Who: John Steinbeck and everyone who has the misfortune to walk into his dreamland
Where: Leith and Westerley, everywhere pretty much
When: week 6 - 9
Summary: Steinbeck has some dreams. They're not very nice dreams.
Restrictions/Warnings: Body horror verging on gore, violence, murder, Cthulhu, plants, etc. Basically: MESSED UP STUFF.

[This log is a catch-all log for the dreams Steinbeck will be sharing with others! If you want me to write up a unique dream prompt for your character, just PM me or hit me up at [ profile] vampirize to plot stuff!]
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Who: Royce + various
Where: Locations across the Quad
When: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Summary: Pre-game CR catchall!
Restrictions/Warnings: tbd.

( Established/pre-game CR goes here! Feel free to give me a poke if there's something you'd like to thread! [ profile] piasora or tevinter#3439. )
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Who: John Steinbeck, Handsome Jack, and Bucky Barnes
Where: Various locations
When: W5D5 onwards
Summary: Hyperion Cell Team Root meets up and does their dirty work
Restrictions/Warnings: Murder, body horror, Handsome Jack in general, snark fights...will edit for anything else that pops up!

[This is a catch-all log for Root's movements and actions! Toplevels will go up for each event as they progress.]
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Who: John Steinbeck and F $cott Fitzgerald
Where: Some shady corner of Leith
When: End of week 4, pre-chapter 3
Summary: Steinbeck has a need, a need for........spe- I mean, bio-engineered seed pods from a figure from his past. He's not happy about it.
Restrictions/Warnings: Steinbeck and Fitzgerald are their own warning, will edit if needed!
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Who: Kate and various
Where: Old Town, probably!
When: End of week 4 through chapter 3-ish
Summary: This is just a catch all log for February. Feel free to hit me up if you want to do something!
Restrictions/Warnings: We'll... see lmfao
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Who: John Steinbeck and Julius Visconti
Where: Near the Bazaar on Leith
When: End of week 4
Summary: Steinbeck tries out his gruesome plant abilities and happens to have an onlooker when he isn't suspecting it.
Restrictions/Warnings: Descriptions of body horror, self-harm, and blood, most likely, will add other tags if needed

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Who: Everyone!!
Where: An assortment of bars in Old Town
When: End of week 4
Summary: This is now a mingle log for anyone n Westerley who happens to be getting their drink on in the last couple days of chapter 2. Post a top level! Tag around! Dance on the bar! Newbies who just joined are more than welcome to hop in if your characters were around in chapter 2! Exclamation marks!
Restrictions/Warnings: Alcohol obvs, if anything else goes down please warn in the comments because I can't keep track of everything

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Who: Kate and Steinbeck
Where: Old Town
When: w4d4
Summary: Steinbeck and Kate embarrass themselves and talk about Angel stuff.
Restrictions/Warnings: Will edit if necessary!

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Who: Kanda, Lavi, & Steinbeck
Where: Traveling from Leith to Old Town
When: W3D6
Summary: Kanda and Lavi received a warrant to escort a scarback from Leith to Westerley, along with his supplies.
Restrictions/Warnings: Usual Kanda disclaimer - language.

Chapter 2

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Who: OTA
Where: Quad
When: Week 2, Day 5 - Week 4, Day 6
Summary: Chapter 2 prompts!
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, blood, et cetera. For anything surpassing 'R' on a rating scale, please create your own log.
Notes: Please title your subject line in the following format -- Open / Closed | Date. OOC event information can be found here.
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Who: John Steinbeck + people who are unfortunate enough to talk to him
Where: everywhere and anywhere
When: time is a construct (various)
Summary: pre-game CR catchall time
Restrictions/Warnings: steinbeck is his own warning (will update if needed)

[This log is for pre-game CR closed prompts catchall! If you're interested in getting CR with Steinbeck, just PM or hit me up in a PP over at [ profile] vampirize and I'll write out a prompt for you!]

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