Mar. 15th, 2017 09:33 pm
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Who: Juvia Lockser
Where: Westerly, but mostly Around
When: Ch 4
Summary: Open threads (dream stuff) and catch-all!
Restrictions/Warnings: n/a

[ If you want a specific thread written out for you or even dream, just let me know either by PM, or at [ profile] enoshima and I'll happily write it out!


Feb. 9th, 2017 10:16 am
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Who: Juvia and anyone
Where: Everywhere! Westerly mostly
When: Anything within the past 3 years and onward
Summary: Catch-all log for pre-game stuff and for the rest of February!
Restrictions/Warnings: n/a

[ if you'd like to plan something out so we can get a thread going, please PM this account or ping me at [ profile] enoshima! ♥ ]
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Who: Crowley Eusford ( [personal profile] eusford ) & Juvia Lockser ( [personal profile] lacuscular )
Where: Leith, at the bazaar!
When: End of W4.
Summary: "We've been dating for three hours, sixteen minutes, and twenty-seven seconds." "Who are you?"
Restrictions/Warnings: None!

a lifetime of laughter )
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Who: Steph + various
Where: Leith, Westerley, probably not Qresh
When: Throughout week 4 and onwards
Summary: Catch-all for Feb so I don't clog up the comms! Feel free to hit me up at [ profile] batsecretary if you'd like to do something
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, oops

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