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Who: Juvia Lockser
Where: Westerly, but mostly Around
When: Ch 4
Summary: Open threads (dream stuff) and catch-all!
Restrictions/Warnings: n/a

[ If you want a specific thread written out for you or even dream, just let me know either by PM, or at [ profile] enoshima and I'll happily write it out!
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slides into this, let me know if this is okay!

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[ There's grass around them, a small patch of green that's spreading across the ground, the plains, leaves sprouting at the touch of the sunlight. Perhaps she knows the man next to her, but he's still not too recognizeable - same face, same golden hair, but with skin pale as white wood and red-black vines curled around his arms. ]

It is. It is beautiful, is it not?
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Neither have I. It is rare in this sort of world.

[ He sits, looking up, his hands to the ground as his vines reach at the soil below. ]

Enjoy it, while it lasts.
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I know it will. My curse will drive it away, sooner or latter.

[ Juvia's rain, his own change. He lifts one hand, sees a vine uncoil from his wrist and grasp at the air above them. ]

Do you wish me to leave?
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[ Then he has found someone similar. For him, an abomination that should not be let near people. He knows not her plight, but if she accepts him, then he will stay. ]

It does. But that is just how I was made to be. You need not worry.

[ He's strong enough. ]
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[ It's hard to explain. Normally, he wouldn't even have spoken of it - but they are in a dream, and the boundaries for that can be blurred. ]

It is like... a doll. You make a doll to do your bidding, so you start with a base and add new things. Curses, the such.

[ He is the doll, with a dead puppeteer. ]
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[ A doll to ward the rain, a doll to shape, a doll to kill... ]

I do. I once had a mother and a father... but they died. Someone took me in, and made me her doll.

[ But she's dead. ]
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oh ho ho

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[He's impatient. Hearing such a stern greeting makes Hijikata's fingers twitch and jaw set. Yes, he knows he's late. No, he didn't plan on it! He groans out a 'sorry', muttered without eye contact.

Frustrated already, he nearly shrugs her hand from his shoulder. He's about to say something about how she's not the only one inconvenienced here, but more than that, somehow, he wants to let her know he still cares. Hijikata's aggravation subsides, released in a sigh that smells like tobacco.

He sits, posture casual as tension fades slowly from his muscles.

Not that he has an answer.]
Nothing. Nothing - I just had to finish some work. [He hopes, with how dedicated she is to her job, Juvia will understand. But women are ??? and Hijikata never even pretends to understand, so he's holding his breath for a reply.]
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[Released from the vice grip of terror woman's grasp, Hijikata sways along with Juvia's hand to lean on the bar. Only after she's berated him does he suck in a breath - a sigh of relief that allows the muscles in his shoulders to relax.

He's just turning to the bartender, an order on the tip of his tongue, when she continues. Hijiakta's eyes dart back to her, brow twisting - he doesn't understand.

Is he supposed to? What the hell else did he forget!? This is terrible--]
Uh. Well. I just.

Checked the weather. [ ????? ]
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[Wait. Was that the wrong answer? She's looking at him with wide eyes, agreeing but is she really okay with this?

He... doesn't know. So Hijikata just nods and grunts, ordering himself a drink of liquor more from want for distraction than alcohol.]

You don't want to make it up? [He tries to sound casual, like he's not second (and third and fourth) guessing himself with every word.]
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Sorry. I was going to leave early but we just... got a rush of clients. I couldn't really leave and they wouldn't stop coming.

[Jill just sighed. Ugh, where did they all come from and why did it have to be during the one time she wanted to leave early.]

I'll, uh, make it up to you?
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I'm not busy. Not anymore. I got out as soon as I could and-

Wait, training?

What kind of training?
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Oh, right. That.

[Totally didn't forget nope.

Not at all.]

So what do you need me to do?
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holy fuck

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[ Being married to Juvia for two fucking months was a miracle in itself. Crowley's not certain when or where these feelings resonated from but if one thing's for certain is that they're honest. He's abandoned his life as a member of the Simms and instead took up the role of the, and I quote, "big, beefy, handsome... smart" husband.

She comes rushing over to him and something to what he believes is the closes he'll ever get to now of his heart racing swells in his chest. (It's actually nothing. He's just pretending for good measure.) ]

Thirty-three? Are you sure you'll even survive one night with me?

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i hate this icon

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[ Honestly it's a blessing that Crowley a.) isn't human and b.) has enough strength to toss a car with one hand, because speaking of that clingy behavior this grip she has on him is impressively tight.

Ah, now he remembers. Spilling his drink on her and apologizing quickly before getting back in line because... he wanted his coffee. She originally was an inconvenience but soon became so lovable in a way that she focused all her attention onto him.

Juvia was like a dog slobbering all over his shoes, begging for attention, and after awhile he just sort of gave in. Ruh Roh. ]

Is that so? [ He brings a hand to her face, a gloved thumb slowly coming across her cheek and dipping along the curve of her jaw before landing at her chin. ] I don't know... It doesn't seem to me like you're that impatient.
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[ Her heart is beating so wildly that she's suddenly a pirate!? Ayeeeeeeee. ]

Well I'd really like to not go to hell so maybe that's why it took so long.

[ He doesn't want to go to heaven either, but that was because he was a man of zero beliefs. ]

But you've been such a good wife to me, so maybe I should reward you by doing what you want.
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[ pirate!juvia would be hot he'd get behind that fast ]

Well first you'll have to let me go, but I'll gladly take you up on that offer.
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[ He has such a clingy wife... what happened.

... ... ...


Baby, [ His brain, however, registers it as his favorite? Even if a bead of sweat drops from his temple the corners of his mouth force themselves up into a grin. Seating himself at the table and dying slowly. ] how considerate of you.
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[ Twenty seconds. Crowley has twenty whole seconds to somehow get rid of this atrocity.

For about five seconds or so he's staring at it, trying to come up with a conceivable enough lie to get out of eating this. But he's also considering if he cares enough—it's not like this thing will kill him or anything. Maybe.

The last fifteen seconds are spent with him deciding on what to do, which is taking the pie from the table and quickly opening the window before throwing it out as far he possibly can. Racing back to his chair and sitting there as if he hadn't just... tossed all her efforts and possible hours of dedication outside for the wolves to eat. ]
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[ She's going to wake up and try going back to sleep so she can leave in this dream forever isn't she??? I can relate.

Crowley has swung one leg over the other underneath the table, elbow rest against it as he appears clueless to Juvia's attentiveness. ]

Something is wrong. [ With his free hand he extends his arm towards her, completely ignoring what she's asking him. ] And it's that you're not here in my arms.

[ That should work. ]
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[ She's so... easy. ]

Candles aren't necessary. [ And here comes the cold truth: ] And I'm not "frisky", you're just imagining that part.