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Who: Sion & You!
Where: The Meshwork.
When: The duration of Chapter 4!
Summary: Dream catch all! From casting spells and engaging in shenanigans to escape match-meetings, to talking to your "other self", Sion's dreams are sporadic???
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, spoopy imagery, possible (literal) self-sacrifice...!!

You are running for the love of it.
You sink and you cannot breathe, air catching in the throat and refusing to reach the lungs.
You are happy.
You tread upon a pathway comprised entirely of dango.

( all dreams are OTA and written in second person, Sion's POV. tags will be returned in regular third person! feel free to PM or contact me here if you'd like something specific. o9 )
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Who: Ryner Lute and whoever's unfortunate enough to see his dreams
Where: Ryner's head. I'm sorry.
When: Throughout Chapter 4
Summary: dreams, nightmares, and all the fun that comes with them.
Restrictions/Warnings: Wow, a lot. Uh. Child soldier, genetic experimentation, marginalization (is that a warning?), being shunned and outcast, gore, death of children, suicides, etc.

At least when I sleep I don't feel like a monster )

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