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[open] perchance to dream...?

Who: Ryner Lute and whoever's unfortunate enough to see his dreams
Where: Ryner's head. I'm sorry.
When: Throughout Chapter 4
Summary: dreams, nightmares, and all the fun that comes with them.
Restrictions/Warnings: Wow, a lot. Uh. Child soldier, genetic experimentation, marginalization (is that a warning?), being shunned and outcast, gore, death of children, suicides, etc.

Various dreams and nightmares in the comments! All are open, if you'd like something special feel free to let me know! I'm happy to set something up.
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Company protocol stated that discipline was important, that breaches should be reported and punished. A perfect strategy for those looking to climb the ranks via brown-nosing and back-stabbing -- but Ango wasn't looking for that. Or was he?

(Too much trouble for a game he's watched others play, really.)

"Pardon my intrusion, then."

He's polite -- it isn't his office, after all. But there's a frown he wears as he glances around the room -- he seems to be looking for something (or someone, or somewhere?). Hmm indeed.
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Sleep? Him?

(Yes, please.)

"No. I'm in a hurry," came the reply from his turned back as he traces a hand over the binder files on the shelves. "Don't let me get in the way of your nap."

Someone's testy...but for good reason -- these files he's browsing through have been arranged in such a haphazard fashion on the shelf that the calling index has been rendered woefully useless. And there's four more of such shelves, and more files stacked in a neat pile in the corner over there.

Given a few minutes, Ango will have finally taken to pulling the files off one by one to flip through them with growing irritation.

"...what's with these? You can't find anything here at all."
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Sorry for the delay! I had a paper due. ;;

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"If it only makes sense for him, then it's not a reliable indexing system," he grouses.

An armful of material from a file labelled 2A - Field Reports yields reports from five years ago-- Ango gestures with them half exasperatedly. "It's simply not efficient enough."

...and then, he pauses.

"Can you make sense of this?"
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It always is, tell me about it.

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Well now, there's that sensation of the onset of a headache.

"I'll take whatever help I can get at this point, honestly." Pause. "It's a start."

Speaking of starts and first times, it's probably the first time in this conversation that Ango notes that he can't really match a name to the face. Sure, there's other questions like where the rest of the division has gone but you know, first things first.

" that case, I'll need all files on major incidents within the last six months."

Look, maybe that offer wasn't such a good idea after all.