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[closed] plant friends gotta be plant friends

Who: Julius and Steinbeck
Where: On the ship Fenrir
When: 10D3
Summary: Plants being plants.
Restrictions/Warnings: Will probably delve into some body horror later on.

[ Things are changing.

Julius' tasks have leaned more and more to outright manslaughter as the weeks moved on, and it unsettles him - though it's not something easily told to others. The accident that befell his work partner gave him some reprieve, as the Dog cannot go without a Handler (or colleague, Julius insists). Since Sui Feng did not have any other important tasks to him, he has oddly a day off.

Time, rare in this tumultous place. ]

Hello, Steinbeck. This is Julius.

I would like to meet you to speak about plants.

[ A simple message, the best he can muster being a person who did not text outside of duty. It's well-encrypted and from a civilian source instead of directly tagged to the Company. Hopefully this works. ]
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[Well, he hadn't expected a message from this man. The last time he saw him, he thought he'd never run into him again. It was a one-time thing. Steinbeck wouldn't willingly associate with the Company if he could help it, even if Julius had been surprisingly helpful that one time.]

[The message piques his interest, though, so he sends back a quick text.]

plants? what about them?
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wait, really?

[He shouldn't be surprised, considering that the man acted so calmly when he showed what he could do, but...]

what can you do, exactly?
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[This COULD be a trap...but Steinbeck is admittedly too curious to meet someone as alike as him.]

alright. where do you want to meet, then?
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alright. i'll head over as soon as i can, then.

[He really hopes that this is going to go well. Inviting someone to their ship, where nobody can see...but then again, Julius saw him that one time, and hadn't turned him in. Maybe he could trust him to do the same thing again.]

let me know where i can find it.
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sure thing

[And with that, he'll make his way over. With his hood up, Steinbeck doesn't attract too much attention - it's hardly like anyone will try to poke their nose into the business of a Scarback.]

[Eventually, he reaches the door of the estate. He looks over it, clicking his tongue slightly as he admires it. he supposed to find a ship, or see who lives here, first?]

[He'll take a chance and knock on the front door.]
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Uh. Alright.

[That is strange. Steinbeck peers over the other's shoulder, seeing if there's anyone else,'s rather empty. Weird. He looks over his own shoulder momentarily before he nods, willing to follow.]

Show the way.
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[He's been on several estates such as this one, since even rich people do love their religious blessings, but this...this is new. An underground area? Huh. Then again, he shouldn't be surprised, with how the Leithians like to live.]

[He follows Julius down, pausing momentarily to stare at the ship. His attention is suddenly caught, however, by the branch coming out of Julius' back.]

..You don't need seeds? [Is the question he blurts out, his tone awed.] That'
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[I may be becoming a tree myself.]

[Steinbeck would laugh, if he wasn't altering himself to become more plant-like as time went on. Still, the way Julius talks about it makes it seem like it's something out of his control.]

[Steinbeck steps up to the bark, running a finger over the samples before turning back to Julius, his eyebrows furrowed.]

So, it nanos? Or like a disease? Are you in control of it.
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[So he's a weapon? Steinbeck gapes at him. Did the Company do this? Not only did they lord over others using money, but...they experimented on people/ Turned them into monsters?]

[He steps forward into Julius' personal space, reaching out before pausing, giving Julius a questioning look.]

Can I see?

[The branches, that is.]
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[He runs his finger over it carefully, his thumb brushing against the ridges of the bark. He's never seen anything like this before.]

[Somehow, this makes him like Julius all the more.]

That's horrid. [An angry look crosses his face.] And they did this against your will?
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[It was so easy, to think of everyone in the Company as evil, maligned and twisted individuals blinded by money. Sometimes, he needed a reminder that not everyone who was working for them was doing it out of their own free will.]

[Like now.]

...I do. [He sighs, finally releasing the branch.] Anyways...did you want to ask me how I can make this stop, or what?
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My green...? [He pauses, before reaching into the confines of his robes, pulling out his bag of seeds, along with a knife.]

Assistance would be nice, but... [He can think of that, later. He finds a good spot on his neck, slipping the tip of the knife against his skin. As blood drips from it, he pulls out a seed and pushes it into the wound. Within seconds, the seed grows, roots winding their way through his skin. The plant bursts forth, vines stretching out with bustling leaves, burgeoning bundles of dark red grapes coming forth here and there.]

I can do a lot of things with them. [He says, when they finally stop growing. The veins on his cheek pulsate.] Can you feel things with yours?
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Technology, huh? Mine can't do that. I can feel lots of sensations along them, though, since they're connected to my body. It's kind of like having an extra arm.

[An extra arm that grows out of your neck. Yeah. That makes sense. The bundle of plants shifts, like reacting to a nonexistent breeze.]

It does, yeah. I've gotten used to it over time, and besides...I'm a Scarback. [He shrugs.] My pain tolerance is better than others.

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