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[closed] plant friends gotta be plant friends

Who: Julius and Steinbeck
Where: On the ship Fenrir
When: 10D3
Summary: Plants being plants.
Restrictions/Warnings: Will probably delve into some body horror later on.

[ Things are changing.

Julius' tasks have leaned more and more to outright manslaughter as the weeks moved on, and it unsettles him - though it's not something easily told to others. The accident that befell his work partner gave him some reprieve, as the Dog cannot go without a Handler (or colleague, Julius insists). Since Sui Feng did not have any other important tasks to him, he has oddly a day off.

Time, rare in this tumultous place. ]

Hello, Steinbeck. This is Julius.

I would like to meet you to speak about plants.

[ A simple message, the best he can muster being a person who did not text outside of duty. It's well-encrypted and from a civilian source instead of directly tagged to the Company. Hopefully this works. ]

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