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[ closed ] i'm in the graveyard if looks could kill

Who: Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter
Where: Vague gestures of Quad shaped areas
When: Pre-Game and Chapter 5
Summary: A catch all-log for these two monsters since they need to be contained.
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, cannibalism, general... very bad people being in love things.

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[ In any other occasion, Hannibal would be nothing short of elated that Will had agreed to come with him to the party. Will was hardly a social creature, and that was something Hannibal appreciated about the man (since he himself was anything but), but there were also certain necessary gestures in the higher society of the Quad. His interest in Will Graham hadn't gone without notice. He enjoyed that, in a way, and if it were at all possible, he would simply bask in the scandalous attention all on his own, but Hannibal knew the way things worked. The longer that subject of interest remained mysterious, the more people that thought themselves his peers would want to go digging and find out more about Will. Naturally, that was something that Hannibal wouldn't allow.

In simplest terms, this was more a gesture to remove that mystery from who had captured Dr. Lecter's attention. And as he had fully expected, upon meeting Will, their interest dropped off quite drastically. The stories they had crafted in their own minds about the sort of person that he might take interest in were naturally much more elaborate than the reality. He imagines that they oftened imagined his mirror image. Another perfectly mannered socialite for them to chat with, and for the more shrewd to chat up in hopes of finding out something about him. Truly, what a shame that it was Will instead.

But things are never simple with Hannibal. That's something Will has learned better than most in the time they had gotten to know each other, and that too was something that Hannibal acutely appreciated about him. He had an uncanny gift for seeing what others could not. Too much, in fact, and it was what had led him to Hannibal in the first place. So in that sense, it came as little surprise. As soon as Hannibal himself realized that his interest in Will was more than idle, he also knew that eventually, he would find the truth. It was inevitable. But rather than feel anything like fear for when that day would come, Hannibal had always looked forward to it. Eventually, the pieces would all fall together, and Will would look through a different perspective. He would open his eyes for the first time and see Hannibal for what he truly was. How could he not be enchanted by the mere possibility of that?

Though whether it was fate or circumstance, those two reasons happened to come together on this night.

It was always easy for Hannibal to get guest lists for such occasions, since he maintained good enough relationships with Leithian high society that they would tell him with an easy smile on their faces. Most of the time, it hardly mattered, but one name in particular stood out to him. A Leithian doctor of fair means, a hard worker, and an up and coming member of high society. Bourgeois, really. Hannibal held no particular distaste for such people as a whole, but this man had made an error. He was shrewd enough to want to decrease Hannibal's business so that his own would increase, and this in itself didn't bother Hannibal at all. Petty business matters were truly just that. But he wasn't shrewd enough to know that trying to get to Hannibal through Will Graham was an unwise course of action.

It had only been a hint of his intentions, but Hannibal knew it well enough. Just so well as he knew that Will had finally picked up all of those pieces. As he expected, it was truly as simple as if a light had been switched on. For the first time, they had exchanged a glance, and Hannibal simply knew.

Like a monster brought into the sunlight from the shadow, he had been truly seen. The pieces came together for Will. They also came together for this evening.

His absence was meant to draw Will away, and he made his way deliberately to where he knew the other doctor was lounging comfortably. The irony was of course that his self-proclaimed rival wasn't unlike Will, in a way. A terribly antisocial man, so he had deigned that staying away from the heart of the party was better. A quiet study to enjoy the evening, if not alone, then with very little company. Hannibal knew his habits, and so it wasn't hard to find him and engage him in conversation. They talk of trivial things, of business and medicine, but the pause comes when Hannibal knows that Will is there. A ghost of a smile crosses his lips, and he almost thinks to go open the door, but Will is already there.

The other doctor sits in a chair, and he looks back to Will with a confused expression, but Hannibal himself is in the process of making a drink. An elaborate one, it would seem, but there's little surprise in that. He looks up from his work and gives Will a light smile and a nod. ]

Ah, Will— I'm sorry for stepping away. I got caught up in conversation with Dr. Auguste.

[ Is this-- the doctor starts to ask, but Hannibal's gaze returns to his work as he continues speaking. It's very normal and mundane, almost eerily so. Though perhaps that's just the knowledge that Will is sitting with. ]

We were talking cocktails, and as the host has offered an open bar, I offered to make one. A Boulevardier—the father of the Negroni, in a way.

[ Hannibal grabs a bottle and starts to pour it into a glass full of ice. There's already some liquor in the glass, but whatever he's adding changes the color to a very rich, deep red. ]

It is a bittersweet drink, admittedly. I would be happy to make you one as well.
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[ Hannibal's gaze doesn't linger any longer than it should, but it's enough for him to know that he can continue playing at this game. Will doesn't object immediately, yet he doesn't accept it immediately either. His silence is acceptance, but the physical barrier between the himself and the unlucky doctor is rejection. He sees both easily and plainly, and he realizes that he's glad that it's both. To have too much of either would almost be boring.

And so, he continues without missing a beat at all. He finishes pouring the liquor as Will takes his place, then grabs a stirrer to mix it all together. The color turns all the richer as he does. ]

Dr. Auguste, allow me to introduce you to Will Graham. He's a friend of mine. And Will, this is Dr. Auguste.

[ The doctor gives Will a somewhat skeptical hello, since even if Will's identity is confirmed, it's clear that the doctor is one of the people that had those expectations in his head for what the notable Will Graham was actually like. They're also clearly not being met despite Will having hardly said anything at all. Leithians were snobby, and Hannibal was hardly an exception to that.

A strainer is placed over the glass, and Hannibal starts to carefully pour the drink, though there is a subtle flourish to the motion, as there often is when Hannibal serves food or drink. In that, it truly isn't anything different from Hannibal's usual temperament. ]

Certainly there is, and it's quite fine Hokk at that. Though it came up because we were both idly lamenting our options. I had a taste for something slightly different. Which is unfortunate, considering this party would hardly cater to more diverse tastes... Yet luckily, there are a few more options here away from the main draw of the party.

[ He sets the strainer aside and sets a delicately curled orange peel on the rim of the glass that Hannibal had carved before Will came into the room. The glass is picked up and Hannibal steps closer, and really, close to Will as he hands the drink to the Auguste. He seems to be considering them with a bit of confusion, but clearly not suspicion. Or at least, not the sort that he should have. If anything, he's only worried for himself, suspicious that his petty plans had been found out. ]

I hope you enjoy it, doctor.

[ Hannibal steps back to the bar to clean up after himself, and his back is turned to them both once more, though he continues to address them both. The doctor takes a sip of the drink, and though he refrains from coughing, the drink clearly catches him by surprise with its taste, since his expression tightens. It seems it really is a bitter drink. ]

Though so you really find it excessive? If an opportunity is presented so generously, it would be almost rude to ignore it.
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[ Hannibal gives Will a brief glance as he speaks of entertainment, and there's a very light pull at the corners of his lips. Even if it were innocent, which he severely doubts, he would have the same reaction regardless. ]

Well, that's true enough. [ Which part, he doesn't specify. That's the puzzle for Will to figure out on his own, but as he continues, it seems that it could easily be both. ] I was finding myself growing bored. Though that's hardly any fault of the host. It's been a while since I've been truly entertained. Have you come here to entertain me, Will?

[ To Dr. Auguste, the comment sounds flirtatious, and it may be. It's one face of the coin, but the other is something far more sinister than that. There's more that Hannibal has to say too, but as Will's attention turns to Auguste, he decides to wait and see how this unfolds first. He sets the glasses and bottles aside, and turns back to watch, and his smile twists in a bit more amusement as Will quite blatantly calls out the other doctor. Hannibal's attention stays focused on Will, watching his reactions as if the third party wasn't present at all. ]

I— [ Dr. Auguste puts down his drink, looking at Will with offense clear on his face. ] How dare you? You- A Westie has no right to speak to me that way! Dr. Lecter?

[ It's only once his name is said that Hannibal's attention turns away from Will, and he slowly looks back to Dr. Auguste. The lack of surprise at Will's accusation is clear, and that seems to take the doctor aback. There's only a slight raise of Hannibal's brow as if casually asking what was the matter without saying anything at all. But seeing as he continues to look at him imploringly, Hannibal sighs as if the feigned ignorance tires him. ]

I'm well aware of what you have been trying to do, Dr. Auguste. It would have been clever, if only you were a more clever man.

[ Hannibal's gaze drifts to the unfinished drink as the doctor briefly stumbles over his words, but then back to the doctor as he shifts uncomfortably in his chair. ]

I— I would never- You should keep your Westie pet in control, Dr. Lecter. If you really think I'll be the only one to try and undermine you, you should know better! The Enforcers should have never taken back someone like that in the first place, so I hardly see-

[ Dr. Auguste moves to stand, but as soon as he attempts to do so, he falls. It's as if his legs can't support him anymore. He tumbles to the floor, still perfectly conscious and aware, but the sensation is starting to leave his limbs gradually. He starts to shout in alarm, but Hannibal doesn't seem bothered by that at all. He tucks his hands into his pockets as he watches Dr. Auguste claw at the carpet as if that will somehow help him regain the sensation in his legs, but when he grows bored of this, his attention turns back to Will.

In that moment when their eyes meet, it's once again like it's just the two of them. The sound of the doctor throwing a fit almost doesn't seem present, because Hannibal just asks a simple thing of Will as quietly as if it were only the two of them. ]

Will, would you lock the door?