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Who: Rhys, Dat Hunk, & Becky
Where: Old Town tunnels
When: W8D7
Summary: Rhys goes to make a drop-off to a mystery contact and finds a sausagefest
Restrictions/Warnings: Bucky's fabulous hair

[ Santo Ravindra has a 'friend', he swears, who is excellently versed in the radiation of the badlands. "So well acquainted with it it's almost like they're one," he claims. Sure, that's a bit disconcerting, but the man insists that Rhys should feel completely at ease with his suggestion. This 'friend' only sends Santo messages through a secure channel, which Santo refuses to share, which leaves Rhys playing telephone tag himself--he wants to make sure this gets done personally (and maybe hopes that somehow he'll catch wind of whoever it is this "mystery" contact is supposed to be).

That means he loses his House's colours and wears something a little less conspicuous in Old Town and carries a saddlebag to house his parcel rather than the security briefcase he'd really rather be using. But that would draw attention and that's not exactly what he needs right now like, at all. It's bad enough he's here at all, and that's not even counting the sewers bit.

Luckily having replaced a portion of his brain with the tech necessary to install his cybernetic eye and neural port means downloading the tunnels' schematics isn't all that hard. It's just...navigating them that seems to be giving him some trouble. The drop off point is supposed to be around here--he's sure of it. It's a bunked so it's not like the place should be very hard to find.

Right?? ]

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