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Who: Rhys, Dat Hunk, & Becky
Where: Old Town tunnels
When: W8D7
Summary: Rhys goes to make a drop-off to a mystery contact and finds a sausagefest
Restrictions/Warnings: Bucky's fabulous hair

[ Santo Ravindra has a 'friend', he swears, who is excellently versed in the radiation of the badlands. "So well acquainted with it it's almost like they're one," he claims. Sure, that's a bit disconcerting, but the man insists that Rhys should feel completely at ease with his suggestion. This 'friend' only sends Santo messages through a secure channel, which Santo refuses to share, which leaves Rhys playing telephone tag himself--he wants to make sure this gets done personally (and maybe hopes that somehow he'll catch wind of whoever it is this "mystery" contact is supposed to be).

That means he loses his House's colours and wears something a little less conspicuous in Old Town and carries a saddlebag to house his parcel rather than the security briefcase he'd really rather be using. But that would draw attention and that's not exactly what he needs right now like, at all. It's bad enough he's here at all, and that's not even counting the sewers bit.

Luckily having replaced a portion of his brain with the tech necessary to install his cybernetic eye and neural port means downloading the tunnels' schematics isn't all that hard. It's just...navigating them that seems to be giving him some trouble. The drop off point is supposed to be around here--he's sure of it. It's a bunked so it's not like the place should be very hard to find.

Right?? ]
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You really have to take care of it, Bucky. It can't take care of itself.

[Here's a familiar voice. Steinbeck's characteristic and vaguely Southern drawl is distinct enough to be recognized. And it's coming from somewhere nearby.]

Look...you have to make room for it. Just dig a little deeper. Make sure nobody, not even you or I, can see it, it has to be completely covered. Once you do that, you have to keep an eye on it. You can do that, right?

[He certainly sounds serious about...something.]
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[Steinbeck pauses, lifting his head. That's...not normal. He lifts up a hand to gesture for Bucky to be quiet.]

Wait here a second, let me check that out.

[And he's going to start to come around the corner to find the source of the noise so quickly that he practically almost runs right into Rhys himself.]

H-hey! [And he backs up, eyes widening when he sees who it is.] What are- what are YOU doing here?!
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Loud? I was discussing plants with a friend, idiot! He needed advice and I was showing how to replant things!

[He says, raising his hands which are quite clearly dirty from putting his hands into potting soil. Steinbeck's heart is racing a mile a minute, though. A Company man is here, in their neck of the woods, and it's a miracle he didn't drop by when he and Bucky were doing something not quite as mundane.]

You haven't answered my question. What are you doing here?
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I'm not gardening underground, he brought his plants to me. It was his idea, not mine, it's not like he's going to keep them there.

[He folds his arms, his upper lip drawn back in a scowl.]

You're still not answering my question, Rhys. What is that in your hands? Why are you here?
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You make anything weird, Rhys.

[He's just going to push away the PDD because he doesn't want that in his personal space, thank you.]

What? No. What are you meeting someone here, for? I thought you'd never step out of that Joy-lined castle you live in with your fellow we wealth-obsessed idiots.
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[Then he'd definitely want you to get it out of his face.]

That...sounds fake.


Like, all of it. Seriously, what are you here for? Getting drugs or something?
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I don't think "cool" and "neat" and you go into the same sentence, Rhys.

[Like...it's an oxymoron. He can't even imagine Rhys doing anything remotely exciting.]

So, what are you doing here? Come on. I won't judge.

[He will.]
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Right. And does that super intricate life involve you making googly eyes at your family members at parties?


Are you a delivery boy, then?
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What, really?

[And then he explains. Oh. That's more believable.]

Wow, you haven't even asked her yet? What will you do when she says no?
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Well, I mean, it is you...

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She's not mistaking you for some actually cool member of the Qresh, is she?

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...You just called yourself not cool, Rhys.

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[And don't look now, Steinbeck is going to use this nice awkward lull in the conversation by quickly trying to nab that bag at Rhys' side and pull it towards him in an attempt to try to fish out whatever is inside.]
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I just want to see! Since you're being so secretive.

[He's tugging back, hard. TIME FOR TUG OF WAR, RHYS, LET'S GO[
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[He's really not expecting Rhys to jerk back with as much force as he does. With a loud yelp, he falls right into Rhys, the both of them tripping right back onto the ground, hard.]

[He's on top of Rhys, now, and Steinbeck shakes his head, using his hands to slightly push his upper body off the man. He glares down.]

Wow, idiot! Watch what you're doing!

[As if he hadn't been trying to do anything wrong right before this.]
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You were the one behaving like you're on some top secret mission, remember?

[Steinbeck...that's no excuse...]

[He hasn't fully pushed himself off, instead far too preoccupied with berating the other man for something he did himself.]

What is that, tech? [He frowns.] What are you using it for?
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Sure it isn't. [He draws his upper lip back in a sneer.] You behave as if you're not under the thumb of the Resistance. Unless you'd like for us to reveal that stuff we've got on you?

[He shakes his head, finally just shifting to the side as Rhys hurriedly grabs the object to stuff back into his bag.]

What is it?
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[Oh no, Rhys, he's not done with you just yet.]

What AI?
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Yours? Right. What are you going to do, give it some kind of super update with that thing?

[You're not going to make give your AI superpowers or something, right??]
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[Steinbeck just stares at him for a long moment, before giving a shrug and a sigh.]

Whatever. I don't care about that kind of computer stuff. [He picks some soil underneath his fingernail.] But seriously, if you've up to something, the Resistance will know, got it?
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You don't have any say over what we can and can't do, Rhys. [He says, with a laugh - ah, Rhys. It's almost funny how he believes he has some control over the matter.]

Anyways, make sure to keep yourself out of trouble. You can do that, can you?
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I think they already became a little more dirtier the moment you walked in them.


Hope to not see you around, Rhys.
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