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[closed] Time to set it all aflame

Who: Ango & Julius
Where: Leith - burning zones, etc.
When: Evening of Week 8 Day 6.
Summary: Strikes on Leithian soil and a disconnect from the merry info brokers on Westerley have left the Company's chain of information a little...lacking. Sure, you could follow orders and beat everything down till they couldn't stand up again but that's hardly the way to move forward. Of course, normally, this would've been a job for someone else. Normally when the Company says "Jump", it's someone else who has to answer "How high?". But sometimes, the only one available to jump is you.

aka two merry Company workers trying to puzzle their way through Leithian chaos.

also featuring: How would you like to watch a field of hokk go up in flames?

Restrictions/Warnings: Violence! Burning things (hopefully not people)! Trying to navigate the riot zone without a bodycount may prove more difficult than expected, though.

[ Suits and ties -- attire for official business -- discarded in favour of the scratchy, dirt-earth tunics not unlike those found on the fieldworkers' backs. Arguably the very same fieldworkers that rioted in the markets just earlier in the afternoon, violently dispersed by the Good authorities.

...though. If Julius' clothes smell like they've been steeped in sweat for days, it's probably a good idea not to ask where Ango got these from. ]

You're armed?
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what a good summary

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I am.

[ Julius doesn't seem to have too many objections, though it's hard to tell what he actually has opinions about his clothing, given how little expression his face shows. If it bothers him, he hasn't voiced it.

Two slim pistols concealed in pockets, a switchblade - all thin enough to be packed within his clothing. It pains him to have to leave his customized swords behind, but that was the nature of the job. If Ango is ready, they can go. ]
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[ Infiltrating hasn't been Julius' strong suit, partially because any fighting would reveal his superhuman nature, and partially because his hair and manner would set him aside as someone not from here. But the clothes help, and as long as he keeps himself voiceless, it should be fine.

The noise seeps in, voices that he picks and listens at random unless they speak of a keyword they were out to listen. Until then, he will follow Ango without much objections. ]
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[ Julius' only visible reaction is a slower-than-normal intake of breath, grey eyes flicking upward to survey those around him better. Saying any form of affirmation might further incriminate him, so he spends the next few seconds organizing his thoughts to try and better emulate what his partner is doing.

Luckily for him, surgery has improved his coordination, so he's able to control his subtle movements to a degree much finer than the average man. Will he pick it up in time, though? ]
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10/10 rating will do it again

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[ Julius keeps pace despite the scrutiny, his willpower etching patterned movement despite residual nervousness, faking composure more effectively than he ever has to on a mission. Given that most of his focus is devoted to keeping himself in line, he only has a little reserve to spare for much else.

Still, it tells him that the Company is spoken off, even if it was only in derision. Luckily for them, those words don't seem to be directed at the duo just yet.

His awareness pricks at the attention, not being used to scrutiny instead of outright hostility. Just a while more... ]
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[ Julius does not usually come here.

He takes in the information that Ango does, though not with the same level of detail nor ability to make connections. He has been out of touch with Westerlyn things for too long, so the only things he relies on are his instinct and the ability to outmaneuver normal humans in fights - battle reflexes for someone out of their element, as it were. It's enough to get them this far, so it should not fail this early.

So he nods, knocking once on the door (softly enough to pass it off as just fumbling for the knob) before pushing it open.

It's a small sort of establishment, filled with a motley crew of farmers nursing drinks or smokes, and naturally the eyes all fall onto them.

Julius looks around, steps in with a sort of shuffle to make way for Ango, returns the scrutiny with the best imitation of a fellow he can.

What now? ]
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yes and yes

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[ Luckily for the two of them, it seems to just be an order taker. For now. There's no telling what could befall them afterward. ]

What can I get you?

[ The words might seem welcoming, but the slight tilt of the bartender (?)'s head might indicate some sort of a challenge and implicit scrutiny. Julius doesn't answer immediately, letting his gaze trail over to the menu on the wall - or what seems to pass for it. Only names, no prices.

For someone who never drinks, it's a difficult decision. ]
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it's okay i'll wait for you forever

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[ Julius ducks his head slightly, playing the part of obedient subordinate or protege - which he is, considering Ango has miles more experience than him in infiltrating and successfully not killing anyone. It's easy to just follow another's orders, especially since he's been conditioned to do so.

Really, at this point he feels like he's just useful for muscle.

It's up to what Ango wants to do now. ]