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Ango Sakaguchi ([personal profile] counterspied) wrote in [community profile] overjoyed_logs2017-04-09 12:54 am

[closed] Time to set it all aflame

Who: Ango & Julius
Where: Leith - burning zones, etc.
When: Evening of Week 8 Day 6.
Summary: Strikes on Leithian soil and a disconnect from the merry info brokers on Westerley have left the Company's chain of information a little...lacking. Sure, you could follow orders and beat everything down till they couldn't stand up again but that's hardly the way to move forward. Of course, normally, this would've been a job for someone else. Normally when the Company says "Jump", it's someone else who has to answer "How high?". But sometimes, the only one available to jump is you.

aka two merry Company workers trying to puzzle their way through Leithian chaos.

also featuring: How would you like to watch a field of hokk go up in flames?

Restrictions/Warnings: Violence! Burning things (hopefully not people)! Trying to navigate the riot zone without a bodycount may prove more difficult than expected, though.

[ Suits and ties -- attire for official business -- discarded in favour of the scratchy, dirt-earth tunics not unlike those found on the fieldworkers' backs. Arguably the very same fieldworkers that rioted in the markets just earlier in the afternoon, violently dispersed by the Good authorities.

...though. If Julius' clothes smell like they've been steeped in sweat for days, it's probably a good idea not to ask where Ango got these from. ]

You're armed?

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