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[ closed ] do you get the feeling?

Who: Hawke and Hijikata!
Where: Utopia
When: W7D6
Summary: Warrant-a-go-go
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence? Utopia? Hawke? Everything is bad in this log and Hijikata suffers.

[ It's starting to feel as if every time Hawke takes a warrant these days, there's a Company babysitter attached to the other end. Which wouldn't be something she dislikes, necessarily, if it wasn't happening like all the time. It's a little... aggrieving when it always means she's under someone else's thumb, or that she's being watched along with everything else. She knows they have standards to uphold when they go about their business -- but she's not an Enforcer. She's a Killjoy, which means she can trick and scheme and do anything she wants as long as she completes her warrant.

"The Warrant Is All" is a fine motto if it didn't come with the "as long as the Company approves" disclaimer attached.

This warrant has her worried even more, considering where they're heading off to. Hawke isn't a stranger to Utopia, not really -- her more seedier contacts and vices linger in the space station -- but the idea of dragging a Company man with her is unsettling. Especially when it's someone like Hijikata, who she generally likes but feels as if his presence in the place is a little... contradicting. She was able to get an invite though, along with a plus one for whatever "friend" she wanted to take and she texted to let him know to meet her at the docks so they could head out ASAP.

All of this means Hawke's a little more wired than usual, chewing on her bottom lip enough to draw blood and pacing in front of the ship she's borrowed to head out. She hopes they can just slip in and slip out without having to invoke the RAC name or causing too much trouble -- which is a laugh too. Hawke? Wary of violence? Wild. Yet, still, she feels unsettled by all of it and isn't quite sure how to shake the feeling loose. ]
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[Hijikata doesn't mind playing baby-sitter. Except for RAC agents, the lot of whom are too 'creative' in their solutions for his taste. Bashing in a few extra skulls... or ships... or taking a handful of spoils for oneself can be written off as a tactical necessity.

But he's always the one doing the damn writing.

And the Killjoy gets off completely free, to enjoy their sated need for violence or their extra Joy.

Hawke is no exception to Hijikata's disdain, though at least the mess from last time had been a necessary - if only because of a certain someone's negligence.

This time he's brought a diagnostic device, which he'll run on the ship's entry console without so much as a 'hello' or a second glance spared to the woman. They're going to Utopia of all places - truthfully he's never been and he wouldn't have minded keeping it that way. He doesn't want her inappropriate sass about the 'service'.

Not that he needs pause to see something has her worried. With a sigh he turns as the computer checks the ship's condition.]
Anything I need to know about? [Pointed, but also a chance for her to tell him what's wrong - the only one she'll get. He doesn't care to pry.]
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