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(open) my, my, my

Who: Rin and OTA!
Where: The Meshwork
When: Duration of Ch.4
Summary: Dream stuff!
Restrictions/Warnings: Blood, violence, bioweapon mentions, experimentation, bad exam scores
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I am so very late, sorry! and feel no need to match me, i can't smalltext with my screen reader xD

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Oh, Ryner knew those feelings, that anger at everything that wanted to make him a specimen. That was all he'd ever been, after all, the seeing this boy in an eerily similar state was enough to make his skin crawl with gooseflesh at all how very familiar it all was. Even the room itself might have been one he'd woken in so many times he'd lost count by now.

The thrown objects were familiar, too, but not from this side. Ryner had done that too, for all the good it had done. Which had of course been none at all. Still, he'd been trained to fight, and easily dodged or blocked them, holding up a hand he hoped would be seen as friendly.

"Look, I'm not going to do anything to you, okay? We can figure this out if you just calm down for a minute. Tearing me apart isn't going to make it better."

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[Pain comes in many forms, and though not all of it is necessarily bad, some of it can be quite excruciating.

Maybe not physically, like now, but... she can feel the ache of it bone deep, all the same, and so she reacts without thought or care for those flames, body already moving before she can register the gentle warmth enveloping them.

Instead, she move forward swiftly, slim arms deceptively strong as he reaches forward without hesitation, one hand catching the boy by the back of his neck and drawing him to her chest, arms as if steel bands to hold him close.]

Foolish brat. Who says you're a monster?
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[Badou can't help but laugh, reaching up to ruffle Rin's hair-- the triumph is palpable even if it hadn't been so contagious]

You know you passed by the skin of your ass, right? But that's what matters, probably.
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[snorting, he flicks at Rin's forehead]

Yeah, yeah, maybe you'll even get some fries for your victory today. You're forgettin' I'm waaaayyy better at this than you.
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[he flicks right back-- two can play at that game

their faces are gonna be bruised by the end aren't they]

Nah-- you're the expert of that. I'm more hard boiled.

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Not like an egg, like a badass who bounces back!
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Hard boiled eggs do!
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THEY DO NOT CRUMBLE! What the fuck kinda eggs are you eating-- dragon eggs? Reptile eggs?
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It gets hard or soft are you boiling this thing? Over medium? Sunny side?
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[Jill just sort of stares and...


I'm afraid, yeah.

But not for the reasons you'd want me to be.
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Afraid that you're so easily satisfied.

You know that's not really a grade to be proud of. Right?
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Wait, are you serious?

What were your scores like before?
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Fair enough. Improving your grades is still a big deal.

You gonna celebrate or anything?
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Oh, you know.

[Jill casually, but still obviously, moves her hand across her test score.]

The usual.

[She scored well.

Really well.]