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[OPEN] oh, the king

Who: Sion & You!
Where: The Meshwork.
When: The duration of Chapter 4!
Summary: Dream catch all! From casting spells and engaging in shenanigans to escape match-meetings, to talking to your "other self", Sion's dreams are sporadic???
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, spoopy imagery, possible (literal) self-sacrifice...!!

You are running for the love of it.
You sink and you cannot breathe, air catching in the throat and refusing to reach the lungs.
You are happy.
You tread upon a pathway comprised entirely of dango.

( all dreams are OTA and written in second person, Sion's POV. tags will be returned in regular third person! feel free to PM or contact me here if you'd like something specific. o9 )
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[ It has to be a construct of her own thoughts and imagination, what she perceived Sion to be. Behind the grief and occasional verbal lashing, she would give him she had a soft spot for the Director. To her, it's her own dream, too, an image she can see of Sion. The lightest footsteps grace the scene as Alice draws her gaze to him and the boy he holds. Feelings are difficult for her to apprehend, but not the feelings of compassion and sympathy, the ones that push her.

And it's stronger because of the fact Sion is so close to her age. He's done so much for his age and seemingly in such a small amount of time. She couldn't help but feel jealous of him, time to time.

He's crying.

Alice had found herself so tired and sore from the grief that she felt like she couldn't cry anymore, not like him. He's so open, even Alice finds herself envying he's even shedding tears to begin with. Not her, she's losing control, she's losing her mind again. ]

Oh, Sion...

[ She still can't touch him or offer him physical comfort, just her words. Her voice, it's softer than she's ever displayed with him. She settles in front of him, her hands folding neatly in her lap. ]

Sion, look at me.
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[ Alice can understand the sentiment very well, somewhere deep down. There's a nagging feeling that she's forgetting something. Or someone. For once, Alice doesn't scorn him or push him to move along. She sits patiently there in front of him, with her hands still neatly in her lap. The feeling of despondency is much like her own feelings. ]

You've done nothing wrong, Sion. [ How funny their roles are reversed at this moment and Alice like a fretting mother. ] You're always so hard on yourself, placing the need of others before your own. He wouldn't want this, Sion.

[ Her? Meeting a similar fate? ]

I promise you, nothing will happen to me.
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Why would I leave you?

[ Alice leans in, so unsure of herself of how else to offer comfort and support for him. A man so insistent on fussing over her at every turn, someone who seemed to show more care and support than anyone else higher up for that matter. Jack, of course, like a fussy father. Sion was her peer and it made it different. It gave her more reassurance than she cared to admit. So she nudged herself closer to him, leaning somewhat to get a better look at Sion's face.

She had every intent to show him that she would not budge, stubborn as she was. ]

I have been too cruel to you.

[ She starts to speak, still believing it to be an odd dream or even just a distorted reality. ]

Quite honestly, it upsets me how you fret over me and my well-being. It makes me feel so small at times and I would worry that you saw me so ill that I was unable to care for myself. However-

[ It pains even her to see her cry. ]

I could never leave you, no matter what.