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[OPEN] oh, the king

Who: Sion & You!
Where: The Meshwork.
When: The duration of Chapter 4!
Summary: Dream catch all! From casting spells and engaging in shenanigans to escape match-meetings, to talking to your "other self", Sion's dreams are sporadic???
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, spoopy imagery, possible (literal) self-sacrifice...!!

You are running for the love of it.
You sink and you cannot breathe, air catching in the throat and refusing to reach the lungs.
You are happy.
You tread upon a pathway comprised entirely of dango.

( all dreams are OTA and written in second person, Sion's POV. tags will be returned in regular third person! feel free to PM or contact me here if you'd like something specific. o9 )
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are you tired of me yet

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[ A man appears in the clearing, a cloak of beige shrouding his golden hair and dark clothes, skin white as parchment and illuminated from within with a soft glow. ]

Do you love the trees as well?
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[ Julius sits himself next to Sion, leaning against a trunk, his cloak pulled over his head so that only his face is visible. ]

Trees are pure. They mean no harm, they commit no crimes... one the most innocent on this world.

[ A slightly different sentiment, but it means agreement. ]
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Ah, but their hearts are pure. That is what matters... what drives their deeds.

[ He doesn't move when Sion touches him, expression firm but not devoid of emotion, merely thoughtful. ]

More humans should be like them.
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ok thats true

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[ Menoris, not Earth. He does not know what the word is in this dream, but as long as it's not the accursed place he comes from - ]

Yes, of course. I should not have doubted that.

[ A good place, but by that virtue he cannot stay here lest his curse spreads. ]
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[ Much of this passes entirely over Julius' head, he being a stranger and knowing little of this kingdom and its ways. But what Sion speaks of needs no deep knowledge to understand - a simple principle. ]

Of course. It is unfortunate that they do not understand.

[ A smile comes difficult to him, but in response is a lightening of his eyes. ]

You deserve to rest.
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this was so gay that i had to stop going to bed to reply to it

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No one will expect me anywhere. My time is yours.

[ After all, to most people, he does not exist. He is a shadow that hides in the forest, a cloaked man with skin of white trees, eyes of golden leaves. ]

I may not be a fast runner, but I will certainly try my best.
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[ Julius is quiet, his eyes half-lidded for a moment as he thinks, his words careful when he does speak. ]

You have accepted me, despite my curse. That alone is enough.

[ A curse that will one day tear him apart, so he must be far, far away when it happens. But they still have time. ]

I will confine myself to this forest. You know where to find me.
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i'm laughing

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You're very poetic.

[ Said slightly amused while he sits unmoving as if a statue, the motion coming easily to he who would become a tree in time. ]

There is little else I can do save for stay here and wait. I only wish I could have helped more.
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[ There are many things that he finds fault with in himself, but it's not the right occasion to voice it at all, no. ]

Then I will be here.

[ In both senses of the word. The 'with you' is left unsaid but implied. ]

Take a rest. I can wake you later.