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[OPEN] The air is silk, shadows form a grin

Who: Giovanni and OTA
Where: Giovanni's subconscious, have fun with that
When: Chapter 4
Summary: dreams and nightmares
Restrictions/Warnings: violence, gore, bioweapon horror, that kind of thing

[Various dreams and nightmares written out in the comments. They'll all be open so feel free to tag them!]

why is his mom like this

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[ At some point there's someone else beside him, a little older of about fifteen, blond hair cut a little more neatly, grey eyes glazed over as if half-asleep. When did he get there? No one's noticed, amidst all the chaos that's happening. When he speaks, his voice is quiet, as if he's failed to grasp the severity of the situation that they've landed themselves in. ]

You don't belong here... that's right... why are you here? This place shouldn't exist... get behind me. Now.

[ He sighs, and his half-lidded eyes flash gold before he suddenly slumps backwards. If Giovanni's behind him, he might be able to catch him - but it doesn't matter either way, as black-red vines suddenly burst forth from every inch of his arms and chest, golden thorns ripping through clothes to swarm upon the monster that has come for them. The plants force their way in through mouth and nose, digging into flesh and growing even more thorns once they feel blood, eviscerating the monster from within. Each blow he receives only births a new vine, ready to shred and c̨o̥̠͎n͍̹ͅs̟͕͟um̷͖e͍̳̣͎. ]
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i'm screaming

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[ The monsters eventually die, their guts torn to shreds inside their own body. Only when they stop moving do the vines retreat, slithering back to their owner and assuming their previous position beneath his skin. Red runs down his arms and chest, all his own - for the vines had absorbed what they had torn out.

He turns, pain searing his skin where the plants had grown, but manages to ignore them by force of will alone. ]

They're gone now.

[ It's quiet, without all the screaming. ]
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[ He isn't sure of it himself, but the dream fills it in for him and the answer comes, albeit quietly: ]

There are bad people here. [ So he killed them. ] I came to help you.

[ Obviously. Why else? He can't conceive of anything else. Perhaps he can bring this boy back to his mother, who ran an orphanage. That's right, it sounds reasonable. ]
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[ In a corrupt world, only the children may be innocent. To cleanse and rebirth it anew, that was the mission of the restless gods. ]

I did. The bad people hurt you, didn't they?

[ Well, they're all dead now. He extends one hand, red streaks on his pale skin. ]

Come with me?
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[ That in lies the crux of the problem, the wrong of the world - something so damned that it needs to die. ]

If she's a mean Mother, then she's no Mother.

[ His own Mother was never like that. A Mother should bring happiness. ]
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[ A few vines appear from Julius' arms, almost in welcome. ]

You can come with me. My Mother can be your Mother. She takes a lot of children.

[ To their deaths, but that's not something he knows. ]
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[ They are quite creepy, red-black vines with golden thorns that shift into leaves at a single thought - only he does not think it mostly so, because no one at Magnolia Compass ever commented on it as being strange. ]

Mother does not like bad people. She is nice to us and keeps us away from the bad people. She wants us to be good children.

[ Bad people are here, so he killed them. It's reasonable. ]
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[ Julius tilts his head, a little confused - but answers are easy to give. ]

Bad people hurt other people. Good people take care of those around them. That's what my Mother says.

[ The vines curl back a little, wrapping themselves back around his arms. ]

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[ Then it is settled. ]

If you do not belong here with the bad people, then you are probably not one.

[ He takes Giovanni's hand, grey eyes not quite lucid, as if still in a trance or hypnotized. ]

You can come with me.
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[ Those sound like the names of his friends. ]

I can only take you with me, right now... if they don't belong here, my Mother could send for them to come too.

[ Maybe. Julius knows she's always taking more children, but he doesn't know the truth behind it. ]
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Of course.

[ Rachel would be too busy, but he would come. He was her shining boy, after all - the most powerful, the one with the greatest destiny.

If they did manage to rescue Lily, Rachel would have other plans for her. But that is not something known to both of them at this time. ]

When you get stronger, you can come with me too.
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My name is Julius.

[ He turns at the sound of metal scraping in the distance. ][ The two of them run out of the facility, Julius using his vines to break down doors and any barriers in their way. Soon, they would be free... or as free as they could in a world of ultimately dreams. ]
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finally i am here! \o/

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[ Never in her life has Angel seen so much carnage, especially not this up-close. Blood sprays across her face as yet another child rips through the flesh of lumbering men. Monsters she thinks, but doesn't know who she means.

She takes a few steps back, trying to distance herself from the violence in front of her, and in the process nearly trips on the boy behind her. He seems to be the only other one not partaking in this.

When she kneels down in front of him, Giovanni will be faced with a girl close to his age bracket. Even for a thirteen year old she's small, limbs thin and lacking muscle, skin chalky and pale. In an attempt to ground them both she grips his shoulders, pressing blood into the white fabric. ]

Hey- Hey!!

[ Her head snaps in the direction of the distinct clicking sound, some new form of terror welling up inside her, that whatever is coming is coming is worse than children or lumbering men combined. This is the true monster.

And...It's a woman. A woman she recognizes and it's not with the same kind of familiarity she's been feeling up until now. This is somehow different, she really really recognizes this woman, even though in this moment she can't place from where. What she does know for certain is that all she brings with her is pain.

She's frozen with the fear and shock as Giovanni is pulled away from her, but as the woman retreats she snaps back into the moment, reaching for his hand before he is consumed by the fray. ]
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[ She misses his hand, but catches him by the wrist, pulling them both back with all her weight, a move that will likely result in both of them tumbling back to the ground. Angel rolls back on to her knees, the cotton hospital gown she's wearing now thoroughly covered in blood, her palms slipping a little on the floor as she tries to get upright.

They have to get out of here, the presence of that woman alone tells her this, but the carnage certainly adds to the urgency.

She pulls the boy up beside her best she can. ]

What- whats your name?

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[ Giovanni, a name that sounds familiar but in this dream state Angel isn't sure from where, she must have heard someone else here call him that, whenever she arrived, whenever that was.

Angel nods, frantic in her agreement, her eyes darting around for somewhere to go. As she looks, she informs him: ]

My name's Angel.
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The cell wasn't locked. Well, in all likelihood it had been meant to be, but the guy who'd left with the tray hadn't really seemed to be concerned with making sure the locked had latched. Which, when Ryner looked inside, made sense.

This guy was in a really bad way, and having been held in a fairly similar fashion himself, Ryner's main mission was to free him and get them both the hell out of here before the guy could return.

There would be obvious surveillance and they'd have to move fast, but Ryner was nothing if not Good At That.

The lack of reaction to him slipping into the cell was less than a good sign, but he tried not to let it bother him. Being caged like this messed with your head, made you think you were...well. There was no point dwelling on memories. They could deal with that when they were safe.

"Don't say anything."

His voice was barely a whisper, and he did his best to free the guy quickly. It worked, for the most part, but some of these restraints seemed to be weirdly enforced with blue radioactivity? Was that even possible? Of course it was, but he had to wonder at why someone would go to these lengths to ensure this guy was kept here.

"I'm Ryner, and we're getting you the fuck out of here."

Nothing else to say about all this, really. Time was a-wasting.
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no worries, I'm just so used to past tense it feels weird to use present xD

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"Want with you? Not a thing. I just can't stand to see people tortured like this."

He stopped, then, to look the guy over. It wasn't as if they had a ton of time for him to make sure he was all right, but still, those bullet holes in the guy's clothes bothered him. He didn't see any open wounds and the guy appeared to be fine, if completely bored with the whole situation.

Well, nothing for it now. They needed to move.

"You hurt?"

He turned back to the door. Hadn't heard anyone approaching yet, but it definitely wouldn't be long.

"I haven't thought that far ahead, but anywhere that isn't here would be good. If you can walk, come on."
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Eh, well, Ryner thought being held against your will and talked to...that way was more than a little unpleasant. Maybe not torture in the strongest sense of the word, but..something, at least.


He wanted to ask, since it was obvious this guy had been hurt and healed, somehow. Ryner'd considered that he might just have been given tattered clothes, but it didn't seem to be that way, so...well. Nothing to gain by focusing on that now.

"Yeah, probably won't be too happy about it. But I can fight him. Might not win, but I can try."

He did realize how ridiculous that sounded, but he'd hate himself forever if he didn't at least make the attempt to help this guy. Nobody deserved treatment like he'd heard him endure.

"Pretty sure if we can get out of whatever building this is we'll have a shot. I'm pretty fast."
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Yikes, I'm so late, gomen

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He saw that skepticism, and couldn't say he blamed the guy for it. It was hard for him to trust himself in this, really. But Ryner had always had a very strong tendency to simply act when he felt someone was being abused or mistreated, plan or no plan. And here, he had no plan whatsoever.

"What he is? No, I'm afraid I don't. Doesn't really matter at the moment, if we need to get past him to get out of here we'll figure something out."

And no, he hadn't known that they were in the Mayor's chambers, but he supposed it made some sort of sense. Maybe. Or maybe not, but it also didn't seem too important at the moment. Ryner wasn't normally given to hopeless optimism, but he did believe in finding a way to make things work.

"If you could tell me, that'd help."

He sensed the pain in the guy. It was really well hidden, but Ryner knew firsthand how it felt to carry it all the time. Hopefully distracting him might help.