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rebellion sits well on you | closed prompts inside

Who: Takasugi and Kanda + Yoruichi + Rhys + Handsome Jack
Where: Meshwork Dreamland
When: Chapter 4
Summary: Takasugi's dream prompts
Restrictions/Warnings: Graphic Violence
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❁ yoruichi

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[The classroom bustles with life. A girl throws her notebook at a snot-nosed boy while two brothers kick each other's desks in the corner. A circle of friends laughs and the asshole behind you snores. It's all annoying. Only the child next to you sits silently, his gaze drifting out the window to watch waves of grass blow in the wind.

He's trying to be bored, but the volume of absurd childish outbursts in the room has left him as frustrated as you are.

Only once the teacher walks in does everyone grow silent, all eyes on the man as he gives his lessons in a deep, dulcet tone. Your attention is held as well, the boy next to you even turning to watch even as he rests his cheek in his palm.

Class fades into lunch, which soon dissolves into a swell of pride in the face of a challenge. A new student asks who is the strongest, and your hand raises. Along with the boy's. There's another candidate, you know, his white hair flashing in your mind with familiar annoyance, but that competitor is busy fighting with the snot in his throat as he snores.

Excited chanting brings you face to face with the boy from class. Takasugi looks you in the eye, just as confident and eager to prove himself as you are, and steadies his wooden sword. No padding, footwork dragging in the dirt, the fight begins-

He lunges forward.]
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[ Rhys doesn't need to be told twice. How he got here and why is irrelevant compared to the gravity and terrifying reality of the dream he suddenly finds himself a part of.

The man is dead, meat and viscera and his arm....

There's a moment when his command grabs his that he thinks he's met the same fate and it's become detached from his body--but then he's being pulled to his feet and Rhys sucks in a breath like he's been pulled from water, eyes wide and terrified and he scrambles to clamber after the man.

His legs feel as though they're going to give out on him the moment this man releases him. ]
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F...fight??? [ Rhys can barely walk in the first place, let something about all of this. He's dressed like a soldier, looks like a soldier, but he isn't. Rhys doesn't know what to do, can't feel anything but terror and panic as he's pulled so hard it feels like his arm will come out of its socket. ]

N-no, I--why are they attacking??
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[ There's definitely no way Rhys could fight. Not as he is, shell-shocked and shaken and unable to process half of what he's seeing. The panic of the dream washes over him like a wave, suffocating and drowning out his ability to do.

Normally, Rhys could weather this. Normally, Rhys would freak out and duck and cover and demand what the hell is going on and be angry about it.

Right now all he can do is watch in morbid fascination as Takasugi cuts a path for them, legs numb and jellied. ]
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But you--your arm! [ Duh. Obviously it's off now, gone and there won't be any reattaching it on the battlefield let alone if they both wind up dead here. But Rhys still says it, still stares stupidly for a second too long before he's able to react and rush to the man's side, to try and hold him up ro steady him or--or something before he bleeds out.

God this is a lot of blood. Like really, a lot of blood. This isn't good. ]

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I....I don't know. [ Rhys answers that honestly both because he doesn't know, and because there's just so much to the shift, to the chaos and the numerous bodies lying at his feet before them that he can't even begin to know who he'd look for. The sheer hopelessness of it is staggering, lends Rhys to stick closer to Tani's side than he's ever allowed before.

The change of scene doesn't jar him so much as the bodies hidden beneath sheet and cloth, tugging at something unpleasant in his stomach and chest. The want to close his eyes and forget it is an uncomfortable urge. ]
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[ He nods, automatically and without thinking about it. Whether either of them has the power to see that promise through is irrelevant to him right now. There's the sense that it doesn't matter; that one way or another, regardless of the consequences or obstacles it will be done. Those who stole their comrades will pay and suffer for it in turn.

An eye for an eye.

The feeling leaves him with an uncomfortable hollow sensation in his chest. ]
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[ Immediately, Jack latches onto the thrill of this moment.

He's always been a thrill-seeker, albeit not always intentionally, but there was nothing quite like the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins. He could remember the first time he got shot at so clearly and so vividly, because even if it was terrifying, Jack knew that it was something he wanted to keep. He never felt quite so alive as those moments where his life (or someone else's) hung in the balance. So the thrill here—even if he's not completely aware of just where it's coming from—is more than enough for his smile to split into a grin that pulls at his mask. ]


[ Jack repeats the word with a laugh, then shoves his hands in his pockets as he takes a step towards the door. That's answer enough, but he shrugs casually. ]

Ohh, buddy, you don't even need to ask! I am always down for busting the people that super deserve it.
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[ Yeah, the door was why he was here, right? At least in part. There's no basis behind that thought, but Jack simply knows it, just as one does in a dream. For all his exuberance, he'd probably seem like the kind of guy to brazenly try and burst through it, and sure, if it was something flimsy, why not. But there's just enough of a digital lock on this door that it probably wouldn't do much good.

Instead, he steps forward to run his fingers along the side of the keypad until he fines the panel there. His fingers find purchase, and he pops it off only to reveal a few slots. From there, it's just a matter of putting in the drive he had brought with him, and the keys quickly light up in succession to figure out the door's code. It's a piece of code that Jack himself had made, and that's why when the pad turns green and the door clicks open only a few seconds later, Jack smiles, self-satisfied.

He takes the drive back and shoves it back in his pocket, but it seamlessly transitions into him gesturing to the door with a joking flourish. ]

After you, cupcake. You're the one with the real beef, right?
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[ Jack steps in after, but he's more casual and at ease, because even if he'll probably join in on the fun, it really isn't his beef so much. He sees that wild look and recognizes it for what it is (how many times has he worn a similar expression himself?), but that's the thing—It's not personal. When it's personal, he can truly revel in violence, but for now, he's just enjoying it.

At least, that would be the case normally.

As it is, that excitement and bloodlust is truly infectious in a way that Jack can't or doesn't bother to examine. The thrill that Takasugi feels swells through him too, and his mask splits with a sharp, toothy smile. There's blood and death, and Jack immediately pulls the pistol from its holster once he steps after into the room. ]

I mean, plenty of it's for you, buddy! I[ He pauses, punctuating his speaking with a shot towards a guard. It hits him in the neck rather than somewhere more merciful, and Jack just continues with a laugh and cheer in his voice. ] —am just here for a good time, you feel me?
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