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Count the bodies like sheep | Open

Who: Lapis and OTA (+ some closed prompts)
Where: The Meshwork
When: Throughout Chapter 4
Summary: A catch-all for Lapis' dreams!
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, supernatural spookiness, will add more warnings if anything pops up!

[Just a log for all of Lapis' dream stuff! I'll be doing an ota prompt, but if you want a unique dream just hit me up at Lapis' planning comment or at [ profile] moonpaper!]
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[yeah please count on this one to be mulish with the peace-- even when its a dream. He comes bounding out of the light, staring into the mist that are her friends.

Badou's quiet, which is dangerous if you know him long enough, as he peers around. For a moment it doesn't appear he's too worried.

He stops at one gravestone, curious:]

Now did you choke on a chicken wing before you went or what.
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[he finds himself impressed despite himself, whistling and squinting]

Damn-- you sure know some party people dontcha.
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[How gory the ghosts appear is the least terrifying thing about this situation. Not that Hijikata is afraid! At all! He rubs his bicep just a few times - because it's cold, right? it's totally cold - before forcing himself to stand straight.

His fingers are ice.

As he walked through the graveyard - briskly searching for the exit - he'd stumbled upon Lapis's perch and her 'friends'.

He hasn't been able to look away. Normally he'd make like a bat out of hell suddenly remember he left the oven on and leave, but there's something entrancing about the lingering spirits.

He feels as if he knows them.

But that's not possible, so Hijikata tries to banish the notion from his mind as he steps forward. Surely it's the girl he'll recognize-]
Uh- [Stellar introduction.]
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[ Something calls this place home, here where the air is dank with miasma and moldered vapors, the heat of the day drawn into the woodworking as though it were harvested energy, fuel for whatever spirit it is that claws, groans, and rasps its exasperation at Lapis' presence. It can harm her no further, the Lady in white, and while Sion would much rather be at her side (she is hurt, and it pains him that he cannot support her), he treads before her in silent procession, specter-like himself.

In plainest terms, he is "the bait", unguarded where Lapis is shielded by the ghosts she's befriended. True, he could have chosen to remain within her circle of protection, but then Lapis' injuries would have been sustained for naught—where the spirit they seek might be too weak to set upon Lapis again, Sion is a different story. If he is able to draw the spirit out of hiding, then Lapis will be able to finish her task: laying the revenant to rest.

Giving pause, Sion turns back to catch Lapis' eyes with his own, his expression one of heartache— ]

What tragedy must have befallen a soul, for someone to willfully imprison themselves here?

[ To linger on in the disembodied sounds which seem to coalesce around him, some unseen force pressing in upon his chest until his breathing becomes labored, his body trembling despite himself.

(Good, then, let it fall upon him. The sooner Lapis is able to help the spirit, the better for everyone—both the living and the dead.) ]
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[ Whether the other person is living can be questioned - he looks ethereal, still human-shaped and formed but with skin white-pale like parchment (or perhaps white wood), his whole body glowing a faint gold like his hair and eyes. Red-black thorned vines encircle his body and climb through his hair, digging lacerations into his exposed skin which still bleed as they talk. ]

Why so?

[ There is darkness in here, suffering. That should not be. ]
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not sure if lewd face or murder face

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It is not something worth dying for.

[ Ghosts did not exist in his world, so this is all new to him. ]

Or are you too deceased?
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both is good

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[ There's a lot he doesn't understand, and that should be corrected as well. ]

I can help you.