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[open] Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?

Who: Hanna King and you
Where: Westerley underbelly
When: W8D1
Summary: Hanna's terrible life
Restrictions/Warnings: Hanna's terrible life including experimentation, violence, and so on

[Level 5.

That's where she needs to go.

Level 5, the ultimate clearance, the ultimate tool in her arsenal. It's the means to her bloody end. She has to get there, somehow, in some way. She doesn't care how.

It'll be just another way to find the answers she needs.

Hanna skips out on the standard training protocols. That shit's cake. She's here again, in a cage, knuckles cut, spitting strings of blood. When was the last time she'd pushed herself this hard? Who knows. Who cares.

Too many punches to the head and the face have her reeling, speaking slurred, seeing things, too many things, all kinds of things. The bruise on her temple is growing and throbbing. It's only by force that she leaves the enclosed arena, to sit on the sidelines closer to the audience with a beer in her hand. The cold bottle is pressed to the wound. Maybe you've been watching, and maybe you're close enough to see a thing or two firsthand.

She struggles, too, to walk out of the arena, towards empty back exits. She can feel her consciousness slipping. Where is she again? Is what she seeing real anymore?]

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[ It smells of blood and musk, something he's adjusted to and so the sight of heads being smashed and scrapped skin doesn't so much as make him flinch. In fact he looks absolutely disinterested; all this fighting is barbaric despite having some value... but having a quarter doesn't make it whole, so overall Crowley views this all as pointless for the struggling fighters.

It's not sympathy that has him leaving his seat, either, just as the woman stumbling her way out begins to walk. It's simply convenience, someone he plans to avoid, until she's slipping into his line of vision. ]

Oop. [ He grabs her by the forearm. ] Don't die now.
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[ The appearance of tattoos catches his attention, instinctively reaching over to pull the sweater properly onto her shoulders. A virtue that still manages to stay in tact within a dream, Crowley remains a gentleman despite being... Crowley. ]

Is that a compliment? [ Obviously not. ] I was dragged in to watch, but it got boring pretty quick.
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[ It's a shift that comes naturally, of course. If not in a dream then it would certainly be odd, impossible, and in those flash of details Crowley doesn't blink once.

He's seen members of the company before, but not armed and appearing as if they were prepared to kill. That's different. Not unwelcome, but different. ]

It's better not to judge a book by its cover.

[ But that's not important. ]

Are you going to deal with this yourself, or do you want my help?
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[ She's going to run.

And she does.

Crowley, in a mix of disbelief and surprise, raises a brow when she scrambles and makes a mess of things in her own escape. He wants to advice her that running and pulling an IV out would hurt like hell but she's already too far ahead, dashing away as the Company follows her.

Qreshi instincts tell him not to get involved. This woman is familiar, however, and because of that Crowley also feels inclined to step between--or behind, in this scenario. The Nine aren't meant to kill with their own hands, they bought the right people for that, but when his hand reaches out to grab one of the men by their arm the last thing he's thinking about are consequences.

It's an action done wordlessly, twisting it and hearing an audible pop before the limb is torn off. It's not a clean job, strands of muscle still connecting to his shoulder as the arm drops to the floor and the man screams in pain. Now Crowley wasn't essentially going to do all that, but it happens none-the-less. ]
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[ Prometheus?

It's probably not a good time to stop and question what he's heard, not when he has a man bleeding out at his feet and the other taking aim at his skull. But for some reason or another he doesn't feel particularly scared for his life—or perhaps he doesn't seem so based off his features, because for some strange reason he feels absolutely livid.

In fact, on the inside, Crowley is feeling a number of emotions he can't describe; rage, hatred, sadness. ]


[ Because apparently that's her name. ]

Just kill him.

[ Because it's gone downhill enough, they're basically at the bottom of the pit, there's no reason to hesitate. ]

Or I will.
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[ Crowley can't believe his eyes. Lowering her defenses to a man who would clearly kill her once given the chance? It's foolish, basically asking for death itself, but when he looks over to the Company employee he sees that his movements have come to a complete halt.

Whether or not this was the work of her own power was up to debate, considering he's never seen it at work, so he moves his shoulders in a half-shrug.

So long as he doesn't get hurt then... whatever. And he supposes that any more pain directed towards her would put him in a little sour mood; so when he approaches his hand doesn't lift with a single intention of causing malice, palm exposed for her. ]

And where should I take you? [ It's a question that deserves answering, considering he's lost as well. ] Where is home to you, Hanna?
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Right, right.

[ He sighs, moving closer as he reaches out and grabs her by the shoulder somewhere in the midst of her changing between ages. There's a hint of sympathy—not bitterness or rage, and it mixes with loneliness and Crowley can't say that this feeling is at all unfamiliar... but it still feels distant, like he hasn't felt this way in years.

(He hasn't.) ]

Then you'll come with me. You'll live a new life.

Is that what you want?
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[ Probably. Especially since she's willing to trust a person like Crowley... but he's tehcnically not a bad person.

It's a rare occasion, if ever, for him to feel an ounce of sympathy towards anyone. But the emotions that he can't quite describe are genuine. He can tell because he's not forcing them, they're real, and he reaches down to tug at her hand. ]


[ ... This is so weird. But you kind of gotta take responsibility of someone after you killed a man in order to keep them from getting harmed. ]

I'll take care of you. [ What he feels isn't possessiveness but the desire to protect. ] I swear on it.
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[ "Well I don't know I just tore a man's arm off," is what he wants to say. In fact— ]

... Well I don't know I just tore a man's arm off.

[ So that's how, if you want to put in the physical sense. However he realizes that she's possibly meaning more than that and to be honest... he doesn't know how to answer her. ]

I guess we'll just have to find out.
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[ That's fine. He personally doesn't want to see any more blood shed than he's already witnessed. Plus his clothes are now dirty and ruined with blood, explaining that will be more of a pain once he gets home. ]

I try. [ Not really. ] But leave the passing out for when it doesn't require me carrying you, alright?
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[ Smooth.

She's gonna die without his help, he presumes, so his assistance comes with a heavy sigh as he again breaks the distance between them and promptly scoops her up into his arms. ]

You're a real mess, I guess I just have to carry you now.