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( open ) we're the kids who feel like dead ends

Who: Qrow Branwen + you.
Where: Places!
When: Throughout Chapter 4.
Summary: RAC training, and some closed prompts for some people.
Restrictions/Warnings: TBA
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. . . how'd you get in here?

[ it's a mutter, disbelieving, about two minutes after keith ducked into the room to discover that it's deserted. so much for training with others -- but at least there's still the tech. keith folds his arms, stares at the bird, then tries shooing it off the top of the machine. ]

You know, some of the people around here are supposed to eat crows.
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[ is he going to have to fight a bird.

because he's fought smaller and less existent things, and his fists are definitely up. in what passes for crowfighting position around these parts, i guess. ]
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That's yours?

[ at once, he whirls; it's a moment longer before his wrists drop. but don't answer that, just let keith's incredulity steamroll through. ]

What're you doing, bringing a pet to headquarters?
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[ he looks at the crow

and right back at qrow, dead-eyed. ]

I'm not sure you know what a real animal looks like.
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[ wow. that hits home. ]

How would ranking up teach you how to spot a robot? Did they mod you with magnets?
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. . . the posting said they were holding formal training in this room.

I thought they'd send people who knew what they were doing.
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[ well, that deserves a flickered look, head to heels. qrow slouches like a lush (and frankly has the haircut of one) -- but nobody bribes their way to level four.

his heels shift apart by degrees, steadying. ]

Is it gonna be just you, or you and the crow?
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Not if you're any good.

[ but okay. there's only one way to learn how good qrow really is, and it isn't by holding still. quick on his feet, keith charges -- sweeps low for a kick an instant before the expected impact. it's a fairly low-level killjoy style of fighting: weaponless and kick-heavy, all the simple practicality of a boy who learned his tactics by watching bar brawls, milking the advantage of being the lighter one for all the dexterity he can get.

the question's how long they can make this last. ]
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Aye-aye, boss man! Are you gonna be here? D-Do you want me to bring anything back? Or are you gonna meet us at... where, where I find him. I should probably go, right?

[ Backing away now, kind of tripping, etc. ]
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[He's got a vested interested in protecting his land, obviously. Not just for his sake, but for the workers as well. Unrest here will mean trouble for everyone, and just because things have been relatively quiet for him doesn't mean that they'll stay that way.

Still, the extra security doesn't hurt, and well-qualified RAC agents are worth the money.

They might have some odd habits, too, if what he's watching is any indication. Perched as he is atop several stacked crates of unprocessed hokk, bare feet kicking against the sides, he has a perfect view of the senior agent saying something important to the younger one. Whatever it is, it's enough to make him scurry away. That might not be a good sign.]

Huh... I hope everything's okay.

[Of course, now he's got to hop down and find out himself. If he's lucky it's nothing, but the sooner he has an answer, the better.]
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Reading material, copy that.

[ If he's acting like a level 2 then it's because that's exactly what he was a week ago. As far as capabilities go, he's always been good at being told what to do, which is why he follows Qrow's request diligently and approaches Corrin's hokk stash. ]

Helloooo? Oh man, I forgot to ask what kind of material--!
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[Oh, maybe they came to find him to report something. That would make sense. Luckily, he's noticed Prompto coming his way, and they hopefully won't end up going in circles.

He pokes his head around a stack, catching sight of Prompto looking around.]

Hello? Is everything alright?
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Yeah, no-- yeah! It's all good, it's just... do you, this is gonna sound weird-- do you have anything to... read?

[ ...... ]

A-Actually, I think Qrow just had some questions for you. Do you wanna come with me? [ please say yes ]
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[That's... that's not what he was expecting at all. Is reading really the best use of their time? Shouldn't they be working?

He can't pass up the chance to share some of his library though, as he does have quite the collection.]

I'd be happy to come with you, if he has questions. [Lead on, Awkward Killjoy.] As for books-- let's see, I've got biology, taxonomy of species native to both Leith and Qresh, poetry, drama, history, grammar...

[He's just going to keep listing books until he runs out of things to name or someone stops him.]
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[ Prompto takes a photo of Qrow sitting with his legs crossed and a flask in one hand. He used the black and white filter.

...He looked cool, okay. ]
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[ Back to work-- ]

Look, Qrow, I found him! [ And then he leans in to Corrin, whispering. ] That's Qrow Branwen, he's the best.

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[He takes a moment to blink back and forth between Prompto and Qrow. So professionals can act like this too, huh.]

I'm a little confused. [To put it mildly. Especially because yes, he knows who Qrow is since he's the one that put out the warrant for help. Despite how strange this is, he smiles politely.]

There was a mention of books, or other questions... Is there something I can do to help you gentlemen out?
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[ AHHH!! Why is Prompto forced to be the responsible one...!! ]

What... what Qrow's trying to say is... well, everything's under control, really! So there's no need to be worried right now. Basically if this were a dungeon, he'd be over-leveled -- y'know, that kinda thing.

[ He fidgets with his camera a little more, realizing that he's not making it sound any better. Still, he has a burning need to feel useful, which leads him to an idea-- ]

Oh, how about a cool selfie?!
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[None of this is helping him feel all that confident, honestly. He's got a vague idea of what Prompto's talking about, and it is reassuring to hear that there isn't any threat to his land at the moment.]

Al... right. Thank you for keeping me updated. [At least one of these guys appears to be working. Sort of.]

I don't suppose a selfie could hurt before you get back to work.
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[ Uh-oh... Qrow didn't address his cool selfie idea. The other guy doesn't seem too enthused either despite agreeing to it. ]

Heheh, come onnn, it could be fun!

[ ...for about 40 seconds. ]

Hey! I'll even set it up on a tripod and a timer, we can all do our best action pose. Qrow's Angels, right? ...No? We don't have to call it that.
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[personal profile] affinities 2017-03-21 11:47 am (UTC)(link)
[What. What?

He stares, trying to figure out if they're doing a comedy routine or something, but no, it seems like they're both quite serious about being ridiculous and earnest at the same time. The fact that Prompto seems bent on being so into the idea of a picture is endearing though, so he laughs softly and shakes his head.]

As long as we don't have to call it that, I'm still in.

[He glances at Qrow in all his flask-wielding glory.] We can always take another with everyone some other time, I'm sure.
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[ Prompto fistpumps as silently as he can, but he really can't hide his excitement. His first warrant as a level 3 is about to be immortalized in a photo!! ]

Don't worry, I shoot as fast as I shoot with my gun! Seriously, it'll be done quicker than you can say... bust-a-base! [ Whatever that means.

Also he lied, give him a minute to set up the tripod. ]

So, what's the most dynamic spot here? [ He figures Corrin would easily know of a good place to take the picture from. ]
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[Thank the Trees, Qrow is joining in, so Corrin won't have to feel as silly taking a picture with people he barely knows. It sounds interesting, but he imagines that impromptu picture taking isn't something that happens with other people too often.

He still has no idea what Prompto is talking about, either.]

Dynamic? [It's a fairly standard hokk plantation, so 'dynamic' doesn't really describe the area at all.]

I suppose the treeline is as exciting as it gets for other people. [Sorry, Prompto.] But if it's a picture to remember today by, I think it will be good enough if all of us are in it together.
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[ Prompto finishes setting it up, not letting Debbie-Downer get to him. ]

Well, I'm totally gonna remember this! It's gonna be my new wallpaper, I've already decided. So, look alive you two!

[ He runs to their position and gives both Corrin and Qrow a playful slap in the back. Get ready! ]
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[personal profile] affinities 2017-03-25 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
[Qrow really is Debbie Downer, and Corrin just gives him a Look at saying something so rude. He leaves it at that, since at least he's cooperating enough for now.]

... Wait, really, your wallpaper?

[He's so surprised by the fact that anyone would want that and the casual contact from Prompto that his expression is somewhere between bewildered and happy.

Definitely a flattering face for a photo.]