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[open] do angels dream of electric sheep

Who: Angel and Various
Where: The meshwork/dreamscape
When: Chapter 4
Summary: A catchall post for Angel's dreams, in case I do more than one
Restrictions/Warnings: tbd
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This is kind of how he'd imagined a dank nerd's lair to be-- but sweatier. Less depressing since they have all that trolling to do. Then again that's completely stereotypical, and says nothing for how boggled down he feels right now-- like he's the one in that collar. Badou has to say something, do something, to shake off this feeling.

He spins on his heel, thoughtful:

"Think there's a good echo in here? You'd be surprised what a couple showtunes can do."
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Hey, turn on the lights, I'm blind enough--

[hands held up, palms out, he doesn't move any closer]

My name's Badou, and I don't really know but its alright. I'm not gonna do anything, okay?
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To not be here! I don't...know, like I've been saying. I don't wanna be here, no offense.

[it isn't that he hates the scrutiny, it's necessary these days, but he feels just as antsy as she does, his heart quickening in his throat.]

If you just show me exit or whatever, that's fine. I don't want any trouble.
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[his hands drop to his sides in dismay]

You're just bein' philosophical about this, right? There's gotta be a way out...like a bathroom, with a window I can sneak out of. I don't know how I did either but it ain't my fault!

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[his eye widens and then he covers his face with his hands]

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[he drags his hands down his face and whimpers]

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And just like that, Rhys feels like a child again.

He's seven, vying and yearning for the attention of his parents who would rather cut off one of his limbs and replace it than face any defective comments about their pedigree and close relation. He's alone: Vaughn isn't in his life yet. There's no one to look at his feats or accomplishments and tell him he did a good job. No one to teach him how to properly tie his shoes. No one to help because he only has one arm and he can't do it himself.

He just wants them to care, he just wants this girl to care and he hates it, that feeling of suffocating loneliness and need for human contact.

He's young again, and wants nothing more than to curl up and pretend it isn't real.
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[ The sound of her voice doesn't startle him, because Rhys knows she's here in the same way he knows he's horrendously lonely and miserable for it; they're constants in this world, and not even the sight of what looks like a real-life angel can manage to take that from him right now. He wishes he were home. He wishes he had someone--anyone--to make him feel better.

He wishes he were anyone else.

Angel speaks to him and Rhys grips the hem of his shirt tightly and stares even more unhappily into the floor below, as if that minuscule act of defiance will make any sort of difference at all. ]

I... Y-you. You have to introduce yourself first, that's. Those're the rules. [ because he's a Kendry and "he needs to start acting like it," in his mother's unkind words. ]
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[ To his credit Rhys doesn't retreat because he's...well, he's been taught not to? He's one of Land Kendry after all; there's no one in all the Quad that he should have need to retreat from. Not even the other families. It's what he's been taught, and...honestly he's not easily made uneasy. He's young, spoiled. Entitled. And he's not afraid of this strange woman despite his obvious handicap and the fact that-- ]

I don't know. [ He knows he was somewhere else before he was supposed to be here, but he doesn't know where that is or why. ]

I just am?
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[ Rhys doesn't retreat, but he doesn't look happy either as attention is drawn to his missing limb and has him reaching up to hold the area with a troubled expression. He holds for a moment and debates what he wants to say versus what he's been told to say, so what he eventually manages out is: ]

My arm didn't work good, so mom and dad had the doctor take it away.

[ It doesn't work because he's inbred and they want it gone so he isn't an embarrassment. They don't actually care about his well-being at all so long as he's fit to inherit their land and wealth once he's old enough. ]
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excuse me foronly ever using 1 icon...lmao

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I'm Rhys.

[ If it seems impossible, well...technically it'd make sense if either of them realized they were in a dream. Angel's emotional state has affected Rhys's and the him that stands here before her is the one that most strongly resonated with those extreme feelings of loneliness.

He hasn't had a single friend yet. His parents haven't hired Vaughn, and the one to do most of his educating and rearing has been an emotionless AI. It's not....a very pleasant time in his memories. But it's the him that stands before her now, obviously giving her a once-over. ]

...You don't look like you're missing anything. [ All her limbs are attached, he means. ]
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A-Angel?? What's going on, are you-- [ Rhys is half her size and only had one arm to work with, but when she pitches forward he still tries to reach out like he'll be able at all to catch or support her if she really falls.

Or...he was. The moment the suffocating loneliness replaces itself with panic Rhys is older, twelve and sporting a second arm that look organic for all intents and purposes. He's taller, still lanky--but he can latch onto her now like he intends to never let her go.

The last time he felt like this Vaughn had been taken away by people who'd intended to kidnap Rhys. They'd taken something that was his and he'd been terrified of never getting it--him--back. ]


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