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open | i spent a life time on this

Who: fitz + open!! ( + a few closed prompts )
Where: dreamland, but also Around
When: chapter 4 / pre-game
Summary: there's nightmares but there's also pre-game stuff — a general catch-all.
Restrictions/Warnings: sorta violence, someone struggling with brain trauma... somehow i think that's it, will update as more comes up!!

[ catch all for the month of march! starters will be in the comments, but they'll contain spoilers for mid-s2 agents of shield. feel free to jump into shenanigans even if we have no prior plans, i'm a huge fan of going with the flow. 8)

i'll also write starters for anything else in chapter 4 ( or pre-game ) — just leave me a prompt! if you'd rather plan something out, dreams or otherwise, hit me up at [ profile] charred!! ]
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[ Fenris looks between Fitz and the man, his eyebrows furrowing. The urgency is palpable--as is the misery. This is someone Fitz cares for, someone he's trying to reach, someone he needs to reach. But Fenris has never been good at sugarcoating a situation.

He mutters, eyes down. ]

Does he? It is not always so simple.
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[ Fenris does brace himself, his eyes widening as the situation takes a clear turn for the dangerous. He reaches for Fitz, trying to grab him by the arm. ]

We should go. Now!
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[ Well, that's not good. Fenris glances back towards the crate, his jaw tightening. ]

What do you suggest we do, then?
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[ Fenris scrambles, but to no effect; he can't find purchase on anything, because there's nothing to be found. His sense of time and space goes haywire, and he twists in the fall, searching for something to make sense of what's going on. He grabs for Fitz again, holding him by the wrists. ]

I need you to talk to me--

[ Or wake up. ]
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[ generally, human resources would throw him another earpiece and be done with it. after the first few weeks, after stumbling out of arcturus and being guarded by a soldier at all times, they learned pretty quickly not to care about him at all. he's a betting piece, a tax write-off; he's demoted personnel left to deal with the more annoying flights around the quad, with the slim pickings of patrols that no enforcer with more pride would really care to take.

point is, he doesn't mind being a recluse either. in fact, all the better when his communication feed occasionally buzzes with watery static, occasionally stretches with long lapses of silence without a single check-in to report no activity to hq. no one cares about the places where shiro's sent to patrol. no one notices at all.

no one notices -- until, of course, they do. but it's easy to blame technology when they usually give him the oldest models and the barest minimum. he tells them, i didn't notice that the comm feed went offline, and they take the excuse.

once, then twice, then three times before enough becomes enough, and they send him to the labs.

he just hopes it's a fluke. ]

Lunch hour traffic. You're gonna have to cut me a break.

[ but it's good-humored and accompanied with an easy grin. he's got two bags in tow: sandwiches, chips, cookies and the usual standard fare -- not for any fear that fitz might forget to feed himself, but -

. . .

well. maybe some fear. ]

Hope this thing didn't put you off any of your other projects.
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[ they're sound priorities. fitz looks like he's buried neck-deep in projects by the look of the laboratory, the number of disparate pieces scattered and shining in the white, artificial light of the room. there's barely space enough to settle down beside the mess, to squeeze their lunch bags into some available space on the counter top.

but knowing fitz, he probably had plans for that empty work space. oh well. ]

I'll just take your word for it . . .

Any reason they're making you go through the trouble of an - [ cavity search?? what in the world do you even call something like that??? ] . . . oral swab?

Unless you'd prefer to save the explanation until after the food.
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[It's not that hard—ducking into the R&D lab like he belongs there. (He most definitely doesn't, given he'd helped take out a weapons R&D facility not too long ago.) He takes his time wandering through the mess, giving a nosy look over the odds and ends on the tables before coming to a stop not too far from Fitz and his ridiculous new eyewear.

He reaches over to pick up an oddly-shaped scrap of something and turn it over idly, all jagged-edges and spilling wires.

Now, is that any way to treat a guest?

[Don't be rude, Fitz, you have company.]
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[Too slow, bud. Reflex has him ducking out of reach as much as the impulse to be a pain in the ass. He backsteps, scrap vanishing out of reach when Fitz swipes for it. Now that's not very nice, either.]

I'll have you know I take offense to that, too.

[Does he pay you or doesn't he, Fitz. You have more than one job as long as you're taking his money.]

I could take my joy elsewhere, I suppose.

[But that would be, y'know, a pain in the ass.]
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Biohazard, huh?

[He doesn't drop it—he's not actually careless—but he lowers it to get a better look, cocking a brow back at Fitz.]

Lot of that going around, lately.

[What with the plague released a few weeks back and all. Jason had caught up with the scientist responsible, picked up the warrant for the answers as much as the joy. But he'd been too far gone to really glean any motives or means from. It had, however, definitely been fishy.]
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[ Rhys has always been the odd one out when it came to being especially...Nine-like. Or even upper level management-like in the Company. He can do the business side of things as well as the next person sure, duck his head and blend in. But that's not exactly his goal or why he took up a position in the first place. He's out to make a name for himself.

The particular plan he's cooked up for that involves a lot of doing most of the legwork himself though which is why he's meeting Leo in the first place, one of those slightly-wider shiny silver suitcases held in hand. ]

Hey, am I...early or something?

[ Because this doesn't look like the desk of a man prepped and ready to dissect a bunch of tech for him, just saying. ]
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it's okay<3

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Yeah. [ Rhys nods and lifts the case like he means to put it down, but there's...not exactly a lot of organized space on the desk, so he just sort of holds it awkward for a moment before lowering it again. ]

Do you, uhh...have some place I could set this down? What's with the mess in here?
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Right. [ Somewhere. Fitz is lucky Rhys's limb is secretly robotic or this would be very uncomfortable and he'd complain more instead of just sighing in annoyance and setting it aside once he finds a spot for it. He pops open the case a moment later and moves aside for Leo to inspect it. ]

I need you guys to see if you can break this down and make it more powerful. Or efficient. Both, ideally? But I'll take one or the other, it's not exactly state-of-the-art tech. [ It's hodunk bandit tech, but it works well enough to filter out toxins in the short-term. ]