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James Buchanan Barnes ([personal profile] lefthandfree) wrote in [community profile] overjoyed_logs2017-05-12 09:47 am


Who: Plant Newbie ([personal profile] rhygret), Plant Senior ([personal profile] graftage), and a rusting bucket ([personal profile] lefthandfree)
Where: Root Cell Hidden Compound (Undercity Tunnels)
When: too soon, fake Old Town Official Planters Guild meeting
Summary: Some idiots came up with being part of a plant club to cover up their underground activities and someone decided that that was the Greatest idea and joined in because he direly needs friends. The following are the true, sad events that follow.
Restrictions/Warnings: language? too many plants. Rhys’ desperation

[He doesn’t have to wonder how this came about. It’s plenty obvious that they had to say something to Rhys when he somehow ended up prying his way into what was meant to be a covert meeting of otherwise fairly covert operatives in the Hyperion front. But there has been no tangled web as complicated as this one in all James’ years, which he finds just as hilarious as he finds it delicate. On the bright side, at least Jack isn’t here to make it all even more confusing.

They’re seated at the main work table in the entry of the compound, all on different sides, and before the killjoy sits a couple of his favorite baby plants, Gerald (an aglaonema) and Meredith (a peace lily). Luckily he actually keeps plants in his apartment or the ruse would fall flat far too quickly. Though given how much tension blatantly resides between the other two in the room, James doesn’t know how long it will keep up anyway.


[Yeah. There’s not a lot of ways to make this any less awkward.]

I guess we should start, uh, giving an update on plant progress since the last meeting and. Then go on into discussing initiation of our newest member.

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