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(closed) not your regular medical check-up

Who: John Steinbeck & Royce Bracket
Where: a stone's throw away from the Scarback monastery
When: around the beginning of Chapter 5 shenanigans
Summary: A Scarback with plant abilities goes to see the wizard behind the nanomachine curtain to help check them out.
Restrictions/Warnings: Steinbeck and his plant abilities are body horror central, but other than that, nothing else!

[A lab, huh?]

[It seemed like quite the quaint little place. Steinbeck had never seen it this close before - mostly he had passes by it, its form becoming just a regular part of the background. Plus, that perimeter would've kept him out in case he wanted to take a closer look. But now, not only was he face to face with the building, but he had some context for it - a man by the name of Royce Bracket lived here. A strange man. A man who worked with machines.]

[Nanomachines, to be exact.]

[He checks his pockets just to make sure he's brought his grape seeds. Hopefully, things will be alright - he just wants confirmation that his recent upgrades have gone well. He doesn't want them malfunctioning out of the blue. Steinbeck looks for the doorbell, finally just reaching forward to rap on the front door with his knuckles. He hopes the man inside can hear.]

Hey! It's me! Steinbeck. I'm here about the plants.

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