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[CLOSED] like waking up from a fantasy

Who: Julius & Sion
Where: Leith
When: W9D3
Summary: Company supply collection, nanotech malfunction, and hand-holding. Oh my.
Restrictions/Warnings: Light body horror and violence?? Will update as needed!

[ Though the Director had arrived upon Leith while its vast farmland still burned, ash falling thick as snow from the sky, it had been in the days after, and upon receiving a Company wide directive—maintain the peace—that he had again found himself at Julius' side. Had he not volunteered himself for a task in the field, Sion would have likely received instruction to move into another's office, to share a desk, but for having taking the initiative, the present sees him overseeing the gathering and reallocation of supplies; of food which is desperately needed both moon and Quad-wide. And perhaps selfishly, he'd taken Julius as escort, partner, and guard, participating in the collection of funds by paying visit to the estate which he had once called his childhood home.

As expected, the reception they'd received had been cold but polite, the distant cousins which had claimed his late father's trade empire and wealth bending not to Sion, nor to Julius, but to the uniforms they donned—the Company's influence by far stronger than blood in their noble regard. Still, Sion had smiled, cordial in their discussions of monetary donations, wishing the family which he did not know good health and prosperity despite--...

Seeming unwell to the discerning eye (Julius' gaze), agitation manifesting in the most minute of ways (involuntary flexes of his fingers, quickened breath, and a heavy aura of disquiet settling upon him where the Director is so often serene). But the audience draws to a close all the same, and after giving warm words of parting—call upon me, should you be in need of anything—they take their leave with a proffered sum of joy, though they do not make it far before: ]

Julius. [ —so soft is the sound of Sion's voice that it is almost startling, perhaps more so than the sight of that which is revealed when the Director removes the leather of his right glove from his hand: vivid gold, light limning from beneath the skin in patterns which do not mirror that of blood vessels, but those of circuitry. ]

Something... [ He gives pause, as though it were overwhelming to speak, and in a way it is—beyond the thrum of pain he bears day in and day out, there is something else, a sensation of everything in him being overturned, the programmable matter he is a vessel for coursing throughout the whole of his body as though it were a thing alive. ] wrong with me.

[ And whatever it may be, worsens by the instant, the vivid gold patterning creeping up, along Sion's jawline like the spread of a virus, the glow of it just visible from beneath the edge of his jacket-collar. ]

Keep your distance.
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[ Julius had not been one good at negotiation, so Sion's presence is much appreciated. He had done his part, donating some of the Claudius wealth as well as a little of his own inheritance, but his job demands to be done, so here he is. Sion did most of the convincing, when it comes down to it.

After the job is done, the routine would be to return to headquarters and file the closing reports. Sion's unease had not been missed, though Julius does not show it - the act would not be helpful for their task, so only now does he make it known.

Perhaps a little ironic that Sion is the one experiencing a loss of control; a role reversal for the two of them. But he holds his ground, a frown creasing his features, mind shifting to analytical gear.

If there is a problem, it needs to be solved. ]

How exactly do you feel?
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[ Julius had been preoccupied with Sion's condition as well, but the voices that sound around him are enough to drive that train of thought away. This is a much more familiar one, one of reflex and conflict rather than puzzling out what might be a viral-caused malfunction. His frown does not deepen, though the slight shift of his stance might give away his opinion - a stance for battle.

Only five of them. His imperative is to protect Sion, of course, but that's not so difficult with only five people. He can possibly cut down several at one go, since he had his blade with him. Grey eyes narrow, and while his voice maintains its usual stoic tone, the sharpness in his gaze lent it a terrifying edge. ]

If you will not come quietly, then we will make you.

[ As if speaking to a child, because these vermin do not deserve to live.

One of the quicker-minded bandits draws a knife and another a gun (both easily-concealed weapons), but neither of them seem to faze him. Julius is merely standing by Sion's side in one moment and his sword is already tracing an arc around them the next; Volitional unbuckled from his waist almost too quickly for the eye to follow. The bandits on his side scatter out of range, and one of them successfully puts a shot into Julius' arm.

A pity, because it does absolutely nothing to slow him down.

He hefts his blade and puts a plasma slug into the man's chest before lunging for the others, electricity now crackling along the sword's edge to stun whoever it touched. Battle comes naturally, wired into his blood and mind, his stance lithe and fast as the wolf that gave his ship its name. Sion is left to fend for himself in these few seconds, but if he's able to down the three that are on his side then they would have time. ]
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[ In those few moments Julius has downed one and stunned two more, the shock from his blade sending the bandits to the floor trying to feel their fingers. The authorization of lethal force makes him consider the possibility of actually using it, especially after they've announced the intention to rob and steal - crimes that reflected on the sins of their souls -

- but Sion is, after all, his priority, and he has to address that situation first.

Three things fall into place in his mind, facts that would not have come together if not for their friendship, and the newfound strength that it had given him.

If it was programmable, then it can be controlled. Perhaps keyed to Sion only, but Julius had his own power, a power now made manifest by the changes he had gone through. If he could use it to control his ship, then - ]

Give me your hand, quick.

[ His grip is tight, perhaps uncomfortably so, but they have no time. White branches snake out from the ports on his back, under his shirt, and out through one sleeve; plugging themselves into the vents from which the programmable matter had let themselves out, calling upon a will that he had previously used only to bind himself.

A will strong enough to fight death, to command a legion of tin soldiers each as complex as a human mind, to c̬̹o̬̫͍̖͙̳̬n̖t̴̹͖̮̦̫͍r̩̦̪̹͎̟o͚̜̭l̢̗̱͇ as a s̠̬͖̗͢i̖̜̕ņ͉̠g͏̳̯u̶̩̭̺l̫̹͉̜̬͚͖a̡͇͕̗̼̯͈r̷̻͕ͅị̤̲̜̝ty̦̖̮̝͇̻͜ would to the world around it -

- not the burning will of passion nor pain, only a force that compels to obey. ]

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[ It's also a first, to force his will upon another living being - so much different from controlling machines or the response of his own body. Machines are easy to figure out once he knows their structure, his command burning through defenses and instilling a new sense of purpose. But a human, a friend - is much more different. Sion is alive, emotion and reflex resisting the pour of neural pressure. A delicate balance of two forces - the desire to help, and the desire to not harm.

When Julius speaks, his voice is strangely level, his eyes now gold instead of the grey that was before. ]

We can close it together.

[ And because they are linked now, he can send his thoughts through the neural link, much faster than speech: ]

This is the power of my blood and not my curse. Please let me in, I know I can do something.
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Do not be sorry. You have done more than enough... to protect me, and the people who did little wrong.

[ That's all the thought he spares before delving into their link again, unleashing the full force of his will to amplify Sion's commands. As one tide would meld into the next, their combined force ripples across the surface of the projected cage, stilling it all at once and freezing the flames into solid, harmless light.

In that moment, Sion might also see something, a stray thought or perhaps a memory - a vision that he may have seen before, in a dream.

And then it's over, the light walls shimmering delicately in the dying light, the cries of the bandits quietened. With luck they would not be dead.

As soon as he's able to establish that, Julius starts retracting the link. Partly out of habit of not taking up other people's space, and partly since he's not sure if it would be appropriate now that the danger has passed.

But they'll still be holding hands. ]
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[ If Sion had a little more time to look at that vision, he might have seen that its crown had impaled the person whom he now speaks with. ]

Not yet.

[ Julius turns his attention to the people around them, all in various states of unconsciousness. A two-second focus tells him that the burned ones are not dead, though whether they would stay like this is another issue altogether. ]

I can treat it myself. I... would not wish strangers to look upon me at this moment. [ The wound barely bled, and it's just a matter of getting the iron slug out and using his newfound power to repair the tissue. ] A medical unit would be able to treat them in time for their trial.

[ Or lack thereof, if their consensus is to make the verdict here. But it's not something Julius would want to do; there are more things on his mind than he can leave aside right now. ]
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[ It feels slightly surreal to have Sion thank him - and those words are familiar to him for more reasons than one, being words that he would have told Sion instead when the other man helped him with his own condition - so in turn, accepting his assistance meant that he could help him in the future.

Now, that was a wise path that Sion had helped him take. ]

You need not thank me, Sion: I could only have helped you because of the power that you helped me to control.

[ So, they're even. Julius puts a hand on Sion's shoulder as if to accentuate that fact. ]

I can fix myself if we are able to return to my own ship. But what are we to do with these... people?

[ There's the slightest bit of pause before he says the word people. ]
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[ In this moment, it feels as if they had been working together for far longer than this - the familiarity, ease of understanding, coming to him much more quickly than anyone else in this world. He does not feel the need nor desire to run away.

The bandage is assembled and the call made, and soon enough a helicopter will drop from the skies to pick up the felons that were now bound. But when that happens, the two of them will be far away - both supporting each other as they follow well-worn paths into the bay where Fenrir was docked.

It's not a short walk, but at least the path keeps them away from being seen. Once they enter, Julius extends a branch and plugs himself into the mainframe, turning on the lights by the force of his will alone. The ship is kept in a Spartan fashion much like the previous times Sion has come, but there is one notable difference - the presence of white bark on some walls. ]

Please rest here if you need to. No one will come.

[ One bed, but Julius can sleep on the floor. He heads straight to the medical room and starts pulling things out of drawers with his good hand. ]
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[ There's a slight moment of surprise before his expression settles into a variant of bashfulness, emotion not of a sort that was usually allowed to show in other circumstance. While it is mild and only shown through a down cast of eyes and a faint smile, it's nevertheless recognizeable.

Julius says nothing, taking his seat and rolling up his sleeve to expose the bullet wound. The bleeding has long since stopped, so all that was left was to remove the slug of metal. ]

Not exactly. The cells acted as a conduit, due to how I am able to command them to exquisite levels of detail. What I used was an ability separate from them. I am able to impart my will into machines. It was named by her, a Power of Blood.

[ He looks into the middle distance while he speaks, unsure. ]

The cells... they have a different purpose. They are much like your programmable matter, save for the fact that they are organic in nature. Their innate nature is to consume everything that is around them, though I have been able to neutralize that with force of will.
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[ It is hard to work around a decade of conditioning and self-loathing, but if his friend can have faith in him, then perhaps there was a way. ]

I will try my utmost best.

[ Though if he were to follow Sion's train of thought, then it would also present another possibility. Julius has been conditioned to ignore pain with the ease of one would ignore a small fly, but if there was a way to eliminate it entirely - ]

I have an idea. If I temporarily rearrange the neural connections, I could turn off the pain response, perhaps.

[ There's two seconds of pause as he becomes completely still, the branches within him shifting to break off some of the connections. They can be restored later. ]
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[ Sion's intervention had not only saved his life but opened a whole new realm of possibilities. With his control over his self enhanced even further, it's not hard to suppress all signals of pain coming to his awareness - present, yes, but in a way that did not have its effect. Julius looks perfectly fine, if only a little apologetic. ]

I can.

[ It's easy to take over - the traditional way of a compress now, instead of trying to close it from within. Blood vessels are a highly complicated structure, and they're not as easy to sense as pain, which Julius had been ignoring for quite a few years now. ]

I'm sorry. I only wished to try it out.

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[ Julius stays silent through out the process, as still as stone or perhaps a tree; being as compliant a patient as he had been the previous time. While Sion works, he pays close attention to the injured area - equal parts out of curiosity and also a desire to see how far his perception can go.

Far enough to tell him the care with which his companion addresses his wound, but not far enough to tell him the minute intricacies of what would happen next. But that alone is enough. ]

You told me that I would set my own path, on that day. I wouldn't allow for my curse to dictate my actions anymore.

[ He closes his eyes briefly, relinking neurons with delicacy and a will stronger than the strength of his body. ]

I have returned them to their previous conformation.
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[ Well, given that they are alone: ]

I would be glad to, if it sets your mind at ease.

[ It is hard to transmit the startling detail with which he can perceive himself if he so concentrates, and after what had happened it might not be that good an idea to try the mental link again. It was too sudden, too rushed - and the fact that he had to make Sion bow (even if for a good reason) never sits well with him. ]
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[ Julius had been so much of a hermit that the only person who had seen him without his shirt was, for a very long time, the woman who considered himself his mother; because she was the one cutting him open. Years of experimentation had left no mark on his body only by virtue of the extensive regeneration that it granted him. He had a lean figure much like a panther or a wolf, muscles visible to the extent of an Enforcer would have that concealed much more power than the average man.

Perhaps beautiful in Sion's eyes, but he remains unaware (or uncaring) of it himself. ]

Let me help.

[ He may not be a certified medic, but he can at least put things away. After putting his shirt back on, of course. ]
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[ It is in part due to having being injured, and also in part due to maintenance of his own modified body. Much of the tools are familiar to him, knives of different sizes and different functions, first wielded by Rachel and then taught to him for preservation of his own life. But that's mostly behind him now.

Having his suggestion forestalled, it seems only possible to relent. ]

I would.

[ It seems like the right thing to do. ]
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[ Julius' living quarters are Spartan like the rest of his ship, with barely any hint of customization save for the white bark that has threaded itself all around Fenrir's interior. He's compliant and quiet with Sion's insistence, dropping himself on his mattress while being mindful of not knocking into the other. ]

As do I.

[ They had darkness in their hearts, but condemnation is never an easy decision to make. ]

Rest well, Sion.

[ He turns off the ship lights using a branch and closes his eyes. ]