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Chapter 5

Who: OTA
Where: Quad
When: Week IX, Day II - Week XI, Day III
Summary: Chapter 5 prompts!
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, blood, et cetera. For anything surpassing 'R' on a rating scale, please create your own log.
Notes: Please title your subject line in the following format -- Open / Closed | Date. OOC event information can be found here, calendar information/dates can be found here, warrant page is here, and Hyperion missions, here.

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The Nine
The Company

The Nine: Superficial Alliance

On the surface, a nice space pleasure cruise is all it took to unify the Nine once more. Whether it be bowing to the Kendry show of power, or biding their time, the other families of Qresh have fallen in tow with the pervasive hard-line approach that has come to characterize their interaction with the citizens of the Quad. Citing the disorder on Westerley and the disrupted peace on Leith, the mantra of the Nine is restore peace to benefit all.

A unified front for the sake of everyone under their rule. At least, on the surface.

Land Hyponia has not lost their favor for the common man, though distinguishing citizen from Resistance from gang is nigh impossible from such a lofty position. Unable to touch base with the society they seek to protect, the family will put out warrants (by proxy) for RAC agents to discern how much honest Resistance remains on Westerley, and the intent and ability of such forces.

They will also reach out to those in other houses who may have indicated a desire to help over the past months. Contact will be brief, subtle, and secret, but the mobility that others of Qreshi society enjoy is something Land Hyponia covets, and they will pay whatever they can for aid, even if that comes only in the form of information.

Lastly, an anonymous network post, made by the Hyponia leader through several proxies, will appear on the network, asking all who can contribute for a 'state of the Quad' from their own eyes. Hacker and info broker characters may discern that this post comes from Qresh, but may not trace it back to Hyponia directly.

The Company: Shifting Focus

With the concern of food shortages on Leith rising, scorched fields and wealth slipping between the cracks in reappropriation, the Company has shifted its attention to the quieter moon. To the dismay of many Leithans, Company officials - mainly those born on Leith - begin to arrive by the shipful, armed and ordered to maintain the peace as tensions rise.

WIth them comes a Company organized food distribution plan, a task which many Enforcers can expect to be given. They must both collect supplies or funds from more well off Leithans, and distribute these resources from a main hub to organizations in need. Of course, some families will be less than happy to oblige, requiring verbal diplomacy some more accustomed to Westerley may struggle with. Additionally, there is the thread of raids taking place upon those laden with supplies, carried out both by the growing Resistance cells or agitated Leithans alike.

Alongside the Company's humanitarian efforts, an order has been given to all assigned to the moon: stamp out any Resistance with utter efficiency. No need to arrest, simply kill and file a report. Stark as this change may be for the citizens of Leith, the Company does not wish to sour their relationship too much, as many of the more prominent families of Leith trace their ancestry back to those in the Nine. Violence should be non-public, if possible, and mere suspicion is not currently enough to justify an act of coercion.

Save for the rare exception, those Company employees bred from Westerley will be left to monitor the situation at 'home', disconnected from their units or typical tasks, if necessary, to ensure their station on the moon. Others may be assigned to space, as all Scarback movement will become increasingly restricted, with their ships traveling or lingering in the Quad subject to search and seizure operations.

In the face of such disruption, only those in the upper echelons of the Company are privy to the whole story, and even then it is only through inferences that such an end can be reached. The Company is looking to abandon Westerley, its society too broken and crumbling to be repaired in the state it's in. Now begins not a reallocation of forces, but an exit strategy, leaving only who they must behind as they review resources and examine options for a purge of the filth that has overtaken Westerley. To many, the best option is major carpet bombing, as has been utilized by the Company in the none-too-distant past at Sugar Point, but there have been no official decisions.


Characters who will have direct access to data regarding the above directive: Rhys, Sion, Jack, Ango, Sui Feng

Characters who may have some access to data regarding the above directive via hacking or info-brokering: Lapis, Angel, Kara, Badou, Noiz, Annabeth

Westies: Calming Storms

Change still boils on Westerley - though to the undiscerning eye, it seems to have cooled to a simmer. After the violence, rioting, and the prevalence of gangs in weeks past, it seems Westerley is finally getting it out of her system. Life is returning to normal, at least by Westerlyn standards. You're still likely to hear of people being killed in the streets, whether it's because of a deal gone bad or the Company exerting its force, but that's normal. Westerley is returning to its own version of calm, since with the situation growing worse on Leith, it seems that the Company is focusing their efforts there.

However, there are stirrings that it may be more than just that. There are rumors that people important to the Company are being pulled off of Westerley entirely, and indeed, you're likely to notice far less of a Company presence as you wander the streets of Old Town. It's a fact that's met with mixed reception.

On one hand, the resolution to violence comes partially in response to the decreased presence. No longer fearing for the repercussions of what the Company might do, gangs and other seedy organizations don't feel quite so threatened, and they don't need to enact a continual show of force to exert their rule. For any of the opportunists of Westerley, this vacuum presents an extraordinary chance. If you're looking to find a spot in the seedier organizations of the Quad, now is the time, since they're looking to bolster their numbers. If you have skill, then you're likely to be offered a position that might be a little more lucrative than simply scavenging around between odd jobs.

You just have to be willing to look the other way when things get nasty.

However, for the people with more legitimate business interests, it signals something different. What if the Company is losing its interest in Westerley? Westerley was once important to the life of the Quad, but as it's stripped of resources more and more, maybe this signals something to the effect that the Company's need of Westerley is waning. If the moon is no longer profitable, then the Company has no interest in it at all, and the Company is nothing if not thorough in taking every ounce of profit they can from their investments. But once they have, what's left is as good as trash. If you're a more concerned citizen, it might be a good idea to try and get your papers together, just in case. If the Company leaves Westerley entirely, then the whole moon is likely to become no better than Eulogy.

Company inattention isn't the only matter for concern or profit, of course. As the breadbasket of the Quad--Leith--is crippled with civil strife and sees their own citizens go hungry, the impacts are felt across Westerley threefold. Those who rely on Company rations for sustenance are cut off with little warning while those who normally source their own food fare little better. Prices skyrocket, in part due to limited resources and increased demand, and in part thanks to the mercantile spirit of the locals.

But that's not to say that the softer-hearted don't respond and mobilize in their own way. While the people of Leith are unfamiliar with such dire struggles, Westies have long endured periods of chaos and unrest, and many within the community have built emergency stocks for just such an occasion. Perhaps you're among those dooms-day prepping citizens, or perhaps you're fortunate enough to have an in and siphon the resources of your neighbor--but if you're not among either of those groups, your options will swiftly narrow.

Supposedly, crime doesn't pay--but when times are tough and measures are desperate? It can, at least, eat.

Leith: Society Declining

Leith is no longer the quiet, idyllic place it used to be.

Between the disease that ravaged the planet and the uprisings after, Leith has been struggling far more than it’s used to. Perhaps that’s part of the reason the effects of tragedy are felt so acutely. The people of Leith have always enjoyed a relatively quiet, comfortable lifestyle compared to the unruly chaos of Westerley or the vicious politics of Qresh. Yet as the food supply sustaining the moon starts to dip lower than it should, Leith starts to share more in common with Westerley than Qresh. If you’re not someone of means, then you’ll find food both more expensive and in much shorter supply than you’re used to. And for the lowest classes of Leith, you may go hungry entirely. This kind of strife isn’t unprecedented for Leith, but it’s been a long time since they’ve ever struggled so.

That’s why the Company is here, at least on paper. As the situation on Leith grows more tense, many Enforcers that are usually stationed on Westerley are likely to find themselves on Leith instead. It’s not quite as vicious or violent of crime as they may be used to, but the less food there is, the more that changes. The Bazaar was once a place for peaceful trading on lazy afternoons, but now the tension around food stalls is especially thick. If you’re a merchant, you have to balance the scales quite delicately. Some take the opportunity to sell to the rich and make a hefty profit, but others decide to keep their prices the same, maybe even lowering them, at the risk of going hungry themselves. It’s easy for violent fights to break out over something as simple as grain, and as stores grow lower, it’s becoming more common to see someone badly injured over it.

If you’re in the higher society of Leith, you probably don’t have to worry, though. This is exactly why you have your influence and fortune, and while the well-off of Leith generally know better than to flaunt that, very little changes other than being a little more protective of just who comes onto their property. The desperate are looking to scavenge what they can, so the greedier landowners are likely to make sure their crops are protected. Side work to protect land has become quite popular as a result, so if you’re looking for some extra work and don’t mind camping, then there’s a Leithian happy to hire you. Just be careful as you camp out in the remote forests of Leithian land. Rumor has it that there are Resistance groups residing hidden in those woods, and they’ll very viciously defend the gatherings they’ve kept clandestine.

Of course, if you’re more generous, you can always share and give what you have. While humanitarian efforts continue to decrease as everyone’s purse-strings tighten, they’re not gone completely. Philanthropic efforts to feed the hungry are still in vogue, so if you’re of a good heart or simply a politically shrewd one, there’s no better time to give back. Just be careful how your altruism is presented. It doesn’t take much for the grateful to instead decide that the offer is just condescending.

Resistance: Concerted Efforts

Now that the teams have had time to acclimate to working with one another, it's time to set deeper laid plans in motion. Thus far, all of the tasks and missions provided to the individual cells have seemed, in large part, to not be related - at least, probably not from the view within said cells.

For the one(s) pulling the strings from the shadows, however, there has always been a method to this madness.

Materials and supplies purloined by the individual groups and turned over to their benefactor have been broken down to the basest components, sectioned off, and set aside for each of the four teams with the utmost thought and care. Nearly everything needed to complete this next wave of tasks will be provided, though some may need to use their creative genius to acquire additional, outside resources - be they additional parts and supplies, or humans with the know-how to help them finish the task. The methods and means with which each team reaches their respective goal is entirely up to them - as well as how they dispose of any witnesses (NPCs) or silence them (PCs).

The situation may seem bleak for the PCs involved, but there are chances to fight back. From resisting the cell's requests to tinkering with the machinery, those with more technical skills may be able to gain something from their unfortunate fate. As made obvious by their kidnapping, the cells holding them hostage do not possess the skills to build, much less monitor or examine, the required components. Planting a tracking device, a data mining program, or any other such implement that does not transfer control is feasible for those with the know-how. Better installed systems might go unnoticed, but even the more shoddy of attempts may be accepted by Hyperion, should they seem useful.

Unlike previous missions... this one has a specific time-table, and each team is building vital components to the most lethal of weapons, and Hyperion will not suffer negligence on their part with kindness. This month's tasks come with a warning, at least: ramifications of a failed mission will result in an immediate, and individualized, reprimand.

It's important to note, as well, that while the cells were formed independently in order to protect their anonymity... they were never actually forbidden from reaching out to others within their covert world. If members of one cell can make contact with another, well.

It may just provide them the opportunity to begin to piece together just what end-game Hyperion is really playing at.

The RAC: Double Blind

The higher-ups within the organization were dismayed that they have no new Level 5's to show for their efforts, and are concerned that this shows a declining loyalty to their purpose. Expect that each mission will be given a thorough review by Internal Affairs once completed, even as that same department quietly begins to asses the individual agents.

Now is the time for them to turn their focus in, once more, to see which of their field agents have begun to exhibit a faltering neutrality.

An especially important task, given that the RAC's own neutrality has been questioned more and more as of late. Between the increased presence of Killjoys in support of Company missions and their increased demand to bolster Qreshi personal security, it seems they've been slowly commandeered by the whims of the Nine.

And this does not necessarily sit well with many of the agents in the fields, or the sources of warrants that normally come from outside the Quad.

In order to curtail this growing dissent both within the organization and throughout their client-base, they've begun fielding their warrant to display a more balanced pool of jobs. Even if, in doing so, they suspect that they are playing both sides of an impending war.

Because while some agents are set to guard Scarbacks in the face of growing censure, others are set to either help Land Hyponia's attempts at subverting Land Kendry's growing rule or protect the scions of the most formidable houses - and still others are given tasks that further the cause lead by that nebulous entity called 'Hyperion', though this last they cannot confirm with confidence.

The warrant is all.

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