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Who: Rhys & Yoruichi
Where: Leith
When: W8D3
Restrictions/Warnings: Yoruichi's physics are DOA:Beach Volleyball levels of incredible

[ It's some sort of Scarback blessing...thing. That's what Rhys gathers as he watches a pair of Leithians kneel before an Uncle. The man draws a strange ring with a hook across his collarbone until he bleeds and then swipes it slowly across their faces. Chanting ensues, and some words are exchanged between them.

Rhys can't help but think it looks utterly barbaric. Smearing someone else's blood on your face can't be sanitary, why would anyone ever think that could bring them help? If anything it just makes him with of Crowley, how his whole life changed unexpectedly because of one of these "Uncles," and it makes him frown. It's less of a faith and more of a vector for disease if you ask him. How someone can think this somehow helps is just...bizarre.

But he still finds himself watching from his tea house patio all the same, for lack of anything better to do, and wonders why people put so much stock in things like this. Seems like more of a crutch to him than anything. Most of the Uncles are assholes anyway.

Rhys thinks of Steinbeck and scowls. ]

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