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Who: Rhys & Yoruichi
Where: Leith
When: W8D3
Restrictions/Warnings: Yoruichi's physics are DOA:Beach Volleyball levels of incredible

[ It's some sort of Scarback blessing...thing. That's what Rhys gathers as he watches a pair of Leithians kneel before an Uncle. The man draws a strange ring with a hook across his collarbone until he bleeds and then swipes it slowly across their faces. Chanting ensues, and some words are exchanged between them.

Rhys can't help but think it looks utterly barbaric. Smearing someone else's blood on your face can't be sanitary, why would anyone ever think that could bring them help? If anything it just makes him with of Crowley, how his whole life changed unexpectedly because of one of these "Uncles," and it makes him frown. It's less of a faith and more of a vector for disease if you ask him. How someone can think this somehow helps is just...bizarre.

But he still finds himself watching from his tea house patio all the same, for lack of anything better to do, and wonders why people put so much stock in things like this. Seems like more of a crutch to him than anything. Most of the Uncles are assholes anyway.

Rhys thinks of Steinbeck and scowls. ]
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[Late to a meeting is nothing new to Yoruichi, so when she'd arrived in time to see Alec finish his blessing it didn't really phase her. Instead, she pulled the hood a little further down, to ensure her face was in appropriate shadow, before stepping up beside the other monk.

It's automatic, the way she reaches up as he finishes with the citizen, watches the man go with a benevolent smile gracing her lips and a nod to send him on his way before stepping close.

Close enough to slip a small card into a hidden pocket of the other monk's robes with one hand as the other dabs a cloth over the shallow cut to catch the blood.

Only then does Alec notice their reserved observer, russet eyes widening in recognition. Hers, too, cut to the side... before narrowing unseen.

Recognition as well, though one she doesn't voice. Instead, the speak a moment before she waves him off, glad the deep cowl of her silken hood is enough to cover the signature indigo of her locks as she laces her hands before her and walks unhurriedly towards the tea shop and the ghost from her own past.

Walks towards it, and then almost carries on past it.

But then she pauses, steps up onto the porch, and just... keeps walking, right into him. Breasts to the side of the head, she whispers a laugh as she steps back, golden eyes bright as she stares down at the man with a careless grin.]

...Would you like a blessing from your Auntie, boy?
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[Now there's a gobsmacked expression if Yoruichi's ever seen one.

Not unexpected, true, but it's quite nearly enough to make her second-guess the rather impulsive decision to stop and let him know she was here because... much as she'd tried to keep tabs on him since she'd gotten back to the Quad, that didn't mean he wasn't Delle's agent to some degree or another.


It might be too early to say for sure one way or the other - and she did already let him see her, so rather than play cloak-and-dagger, she grins all the wider, leans in close... and then slowly, deliberately, pokes him in the forehead.]

Don't just sit there with your mouth open, Little Rhys. Didn't you miss me?