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Who: Jill & You
Where: Dreamland
When: Chapter 4
Summary: Dream Shenanigans
Restrictions/Warnings: Beware of dogs. And occasional foul/crude language.

[Just Another Night]
[It's a little hole in the wall bar, and it looks absolutely shady. The funny smell doesn't help matters much, either.

What exactly does it smell like? The staff will just say to you that some questions are better left unanswered.

Speaking of the staff, Jill's just come back from her break and adjusts the tracks on the jukebox. The track selection is mostly fast, frenetic and leaning strongly towards techno. But you'll hear a few slow, softer beats every now and again.

Going back to her station, she makes herself available to keep preparing drinks.

Though it isn't before long before one of the clients that had a bit too much to drink started getting a bit too rowdy and excitable. This may be a cheap bar that smells funny, but the employees and staff want to maintain a level of professionalism to it! So they promptly throw out the rowdy guest.

To you, who just sort of had to sit through all that...]

Sorry about that.

[Dog Option]
[Some nights are slow. Others more hectic.

But no night is the same.

Case in point, whatever peace and tranquility the bar may have found is immediately shattered by the sudden arrival of dogs.

So. Many. Dogs.

Corgis, specifically. And they can talk.

Had Jill known that she would've been stuck serving Corgis by herself all weekend she would've wished death on her co-worker a little more fiercely. Maybe not in the literal sense but...

Just, why.

When an actual human client steps in, Jill finally sighs in relief.]

Oh thank god. I thought I would've been serving dogs all night.

[It's not that there's anything wrong with the Corgis. Most of them are excited and well-spoken, and each one can carry a typical conversation, though typically held through a... dog's point of view.]

Sorry. We were booked by a client at the last minute and...

Please dog with us.

I mean bear.

Please bear with us!

[God damn it.]


What can I get you?

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