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Who: Jill & You
Where: Dreamland
When: Chapter 4
Summary: Dream Shenanigans
Restrictions/Warnings: Beware of dogs. And occasional foul/crude language.

[Just Another Night]
[It's a little hole in the wall bar, and it looks absolutely shady. The funny smell doesn't help matters much, either.

What exactly does it smell like? The staff will just say to you that some questions are better left unanswered.

Speaking of the staff, Jill's just come back from her break and adjusts the tracks on the jukebox. The track selection is mostly fast, frenetic and leaning strongly towards techno. But you'll hear a few slow, softer beats every now and again.

Going back to her station, she makes herself available to keep preparing drinks.

Though it isn't before long before one of the clients that had a bit too much to drink started getting a bit too rowdy and excitable. This may be a cheap bar that smells funny, but the employees and staff want to maintain a level of professionalism to it! So they promptly throw out the rowdy guest.

To you, who just sort of had to sit through all that...]

Sorry about that.

[Dog Option]
[Some nights are slow. Others more hectic.

But no night is the same.

Case in point, whatever peace and tranquility the bar may have found is immediately shattered by the sudden arrival of dogs.

So. Many. Dogs.

Corgis, specifically. And they can talk.

Had Jill known that she would've been stuck serving Corgis by herself all weekend she would've wished death on her co-worker a little more fiercely. Maybe not in the literal sense but...

Just, why.

When an actual human client steps in, Jill finally sighs in relief.]

Oh thank god. I thought I would've been serving dogs all night.

[It's not that there's anything wrong with the Corgis. Most of them are excited and well-spoken, and each one can carry a typical conversation, though typically held through a... dog's point of view.]

Sorry. We were booked by a client at the last minute and...

Please dog with us.

I mean bear.

Please bear with us!

[God damn it.]


What can I get you?
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give me the dogs!!

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[Steinbeck only laughs at her awkward turn of phrase, seemingly unbothered by all the dogs that are somehow a) talking, and b) drinking alcohol. It's fine. Totally nothing to write home about. In the real world, he'd be confused to no end, but this is a dream, and everything makes sense in the world of dreams.]

[He meanders through the group of corgis to come up to the bar, leaning over with a wide grin.]

Surprise me. [He's not picky.] Sure is a busy night, huh? Didn't know this place was a dog magnet.
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Piano Man, huh?

[He holds it up to see it against the light just to see the color of it - it's definitely eye-catching.]

Alright. I'll trust you.

[Don't let him down now, Jill! He'll hold for a moment before he takes that first experimental sip. Instantly, he recoils.]

Goodness, it is bitter! [And a pause.] But you're right, it's not half bad.

[He'll take another sip of that, thank you.]

So what do dogs drink, if you don't mind me asking?
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Oh no, corgi takeover

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"A beer is fine! No sense pouring it, I can just take the bottle. Don't wanna take you away from these other fine customers."

And yep, that was a smirk, because as loathe as he generally was to admit to such things, the corgi army was incredibly cute!

"Are they, uh, ordering drinks?"

He'd heard them talking as he walked in, and his curiosity had definitely gotten the better of him as to just what, exactly, a corgi might order in such an establishment.
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sorry for the wait!!

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"Thanks." Ryner took it from her and smiled, because beer sounded like a really good idea right now. He thought over her assessment of the multitude of corgis and managed not to smirk, which he considered an achievement.

"Misbehaving corgis sound pretty formidable, I have to say."

They really didn't, although they could probably get a little annoying when they really wanted something, he supposed!

At the mention of the bathrooms, he winced in sympathy.

"That sounds like something to fear. If you want, I can check the men's room? And help clean it if it needs it, it's not like I'm doing anything else and it looks like you could use the help."
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"But you're not asking me to. I'm offering. And like you said, it's a bathroom that's been used mostly by dogs, so I think you could use it."

He wasn't heartset on the task or anything, and if she insisted on tackling it alone he wouldn't press, but...it seemed pretty dumb to turn down assistance, especially in this case.

"Plus, with two of us working you'll be back out here faster, right?"

He did laugh a little at the idea of the bathroom being some strange kind of alternate reality, but a quick glance around proved that it was indeed all too real a concern.