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[closed] no good deed

Who: Nyx Ulric + Sui Feng
Where: Westerley
When: W7D6
Summary: Acclimation training
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, extraness, blood, who knows what else tbh

[Acclimation training.

He read the words, he read the message, with a level of restraint. He couldn't understand, wouldn't understand in what place or time is violence without mercy justified. Didn't he fight for those that couldn't, anyway? Protect those that couldn't protect themselves?

Nyx knew what he signed up for. What he hadn't expected was for it to come to this.

Orders are orders. As much as he hated them. As much as he fought them sometimes.

Just another note on his already long record of following his heart instead of the orders he'd been given. Hero, it's what they called him. Running headfirst into trouble, because he could, because he knew how to do the things some others just didn't know how to do.


He never took the nickname too seriously. Nyx always did what he felt was right.

But damn was it becoming harder and harder to keep his head straight.

His uniform is impeccable, his posture solid with hands behind his back as he waits at the very edges of the designated mission area. The assignment required him to be paired with a "model enforcer." So it goes.]

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