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[OPEN] oh, the king

Who: Sion & You!
Where: The Meshwork.
When: The duration of Chapter 4!
Summary: Dream catch all! From casting spells and engaging in shenanigans to escape match-meetings, to talking to your "other self", Sion's dreams are sporadic???
Restrictions/Warnings: Violence, spoopy imagery, possible (literal) self-sacrifice...!!

You are running for the love of it.
You sink and you cannot breathe, air catching in the throat and refusing to reach the lungs.
You are happy.
You tread upon a pathway comprised entirely of dango.

( all dreams are OTA and written in second person, Sion's POV. tags will be returned in regular third person! feel free to PM or contact me here if you'd like something specific. o9 )
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Seriously Sion what is your subconscious? ...wait don't answer that

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"For this to go back to something even close to normal. That's all I want."

Because streets and palaces made of dango - and yes, Ryner had stepped in the shouyu. More than once, in fact! - were just too much. This whole place was weird and he was too tired of all this idiocy to care much for it or for the idiot currently talking to him like these wishes were somehow a valid thing.

But that peerless beauty - and really, this whole place made of dango, with this loud and annoying moron included - made his heart hurt for reasons he couldn't understand. It was almost familiar, as if he'd heard someone tell him about this place before...

But it was gone before it could really become a thought, so he just grumbled when the remaining syrup on his boot happened to catch on the floor made of dango and cause him to trip a little. But even if he fell, it would be into dango. That only increased his grumpiness, though.

"You could wish to be less annoying."
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"I'd be fine with it if you weren't you."

But it wasn't true, of course. He was just grumbly because of the syrup still covering his boots. The dango was supporting him, but the syrup, as was its entire purpose, adhered to it happily and he fount himself needing to reach down and pull his foot up every few steps.

And Sion was happy, seemingly about all of it. Why wouldn't he be? This place was perfect for him. But it was nice to see the guy walking along with a bounce in his step for once in his life.

"You'd hate to awaken to what normalcy is, huh? Yeah, that seems about right."

Still grumpy, but with an underlying affection. Because yeah, this place really was perfect for Sion, and Ryner didn't dislike it half as much as he was acting like he did. Even with the syrup.

"I don't know if I'd go that far, but at least it's nice out. Can we eat this stuff?"
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And he sputtered. The idea was so ridiculous - as if the entirety of this place wasn't! - that he wound up grumbling down at his poor, syrup-covered boots atop the dango surface of the path.

"Nevermind, I lost my appetite."

No, not really. He was actually pretty hungry, but Sion was going to be weird at him so he figured he might as well just deal with it until he could find something better to eat than the ground he was walking on. The ramifications of doing so upon this place and the happiness of life and all else mattered not one whit to Ryner. But if countless people were treading this path, that'd be pretty gross to put in his mouth anyway.

"I'd like to take a nap. Wading through this stuff is tiring and troublesome. I don't have a wish, though. I didn't come here with the intention of making one. That seems rude, anyway. Just show up to a place and demand favors? From a Dango God? Besides, what wish can she grant that isn't just more dango?"

Always one for philosophical questions, Ryner smirked.

"Is that your heart's desire? To carry me down the path like a damsel in distress? I'm pretty tired, if you want to so badly I'll let you."
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"What the - !"

Yep, he was flailing, hands scrabbling for any sort of purchase on Sion's robes to try to get his center of gravity back. Not that it mattered, because Sion had barely paused, and kicking the guy to make him fall down would be more trouble for him than it would for Sion. As usually happened.

"Yeah? I didn't force you to do this, so don't bitch about how tired you are when you made the choice to carry me, you asshole."

And yes, he did indeed squawk at the shift, once again hoping the idiot currently holding him over his shoulder wouldn't somehow see fit to drop him unceremoniously to prove whatever point he thought he was making.

"You're the guy who came up to me and started the conversation, so if you're weary of my bemoaning I'd say that's your own damn fault!"

But he did stop vocalizing his thoughts on this Dango Avatar, since Sion seemed incredibly invested in the whole thing and who was he to destroy a fantasy? He also didn't really care, for the most part. But since he was stuck up here whether he liked it or not, he just sighed. Grumpily.

"I guess, but we can't find that out until we talk to her, right?"

May as well let the guy have his beliefs. Whatever they were.
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And then you went and made this feelsy

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At any other time, he'd probably have at least grumbled about the stickiness of his boots and the flooring. But he found himself unable to care, when he heard the tone of Sion's voice.

Sure, seeing the guy having fun was a good thing, although it could be annoying. But this was decidedly different, and Ryner understood as soon as he turned toward the Dango Avatar.

The sense of familiarity was overwhelming, and for a fleeting second, something like hope bloomed in his chest. That they could stay like this, in this ridiculous place, being idiots if they wanted to be. It felt very far away, but he thought he might be able to see it up close someday, if he worked hard enough.

And so, with nary a complaint, he promptly sat on his ass on the floor. It made the boot situation a lot easier, at least.

"Yeah, me too."

His voice wasn't quite as reverent as that of his dear friend's, but it was certainly close. Ryner himself felt as if he'd somehow been smacked over the head with the knowledge of who she was, who Sion was, and he was afraid that if he breathed just a bit too hard, it would all disappear.