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[open] To die, to sleep

Who: Nyx Ulric and you
Where: Westerley
When: W8D5
Summary: We all dream of things
Restrictions/Warnings: Kingsglaive. Violence, fighting, blood, death, fire, racism, xenophobia, it's all so much fun.

[Acclimation tests. Stress tests. Tests, tests, tests, test.

He wasn't sure how much he could withstand, if he was honest. Nyx had been through so much already, could he push just a little more, just a little further?

I have to, he thought a thousand times. Not acting had been the true test. How could he stand by and do nothing, impart such harsh punishments when it goes undeserved?

When does it stop being loyalty? When does it simply become following blindly, without questioning?

Nyx didn't want to think about the acclimation tests, and Sui Feng's methods. He could agree to disagree, but these were people with a point, many of them innocent.

He only took on the stress tests to distract himself, and it wasn't enough.

The Fury was improving. He took some comfort in that. He wasn't in a focused enough state to man the bar, though. Instead, he takes to another hole in the wall, somewhere to drink to lose focus. Tomorrow would be there. The edge just needs to be dulled for a little while tonight.

3 shots in, he's starting to feel a bit of a buzz. 2 beers more, the anxiety's wearing off.

A little more?

You might just trip into him, and into a haze of visions.

And if you decide to be the sober adult of the situation and take his ass somewhere to sleep it off, you'll get to experience it all too.]

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